Amid Cam’ron Controversy Mase Pays Unexpected Visit To Angie Martinez

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 5, 2017
  • Mase Speaks on Cam'ron Feud: 'If It Doesn’t Stop, It’s Gonna End Bad For Him'.

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  • Peter Cruz

    Peter Cruz

     13 minutes ago

    Angie grow the fuck up do u not get it.. This bitch is 50 yrs old and she's talking about shyt that teenagers talk about.. Angie needs to take a seat an let someone else take the mic cause this vieja needs to go play Bingo.. Props to Mase for speaking like a real man should. It's obvious that he has grown up but the rest of them Harlem niggas is still lookin for some light because they shyt is dim..

  • Adonna Rowe

    Adonna Rowe

     14 hours ago

    Lmao why made look so damn goofy he just got finished Robbing Gods ppl

  • Jay Cee

    Jay Cee

     16 hours ago

    Angie Martinez is just phoney, boring, and outdated!

  • Jay Cee

    Jay Cee

     16 hours ago

    Did Mase do the voice for, "(THE NANNY)1993)"sitcom!

  • Matt Millions

    Matt Millions


    FOH. MASE taught the youth. Respect. Salute big man.

  • Street Dollaz TV

    Street Dollaz TV


    Hottest cam remix of 2019

  • fevah1st


     3 days ago +1

    Who stopped to go listen to the oracle then came back?

  • Jess Blayze

    Jess Blayze

     3 days ago

    Angie is annoying af because she asks some dumb ass fucking questions. She needs to be smarter. She’s been doing this shit too long.

  • Moe Moe

    Moe Moe

     4 days ago +1

    this Man is brilliant

  • WelcomeSplash Wires

    WelcomeSplash Wires

     4 days ago

    Yes sir. Even more of a powerful individual. I see extensive growth and wisdom. "I was murder, p diddy named me pretty. In it for the money, now can you get wit me". Who have ears, will hear and who have eyes, will see. Sound reasoning. Legendary.

  • Deborah Hardaway

    Deborah Hardaway

     5 days ago +1

    I love the way he speaks.An hes right about biased people picking sides.This is now2019 about to be2020.An some of those older rappers is stuck in the90's an2000.Its like when a40 or50 year old get out of jail an he still acts20.Mase you have to realize some of these people are stuck.An they are not on your level period.The growth is slow or non existant.

  • Charles Burton Jr

    Charles Burton Jr

     6 days ago +1

    40:10 Angie: "But you don't want anything bad to happen do you?"
    Mase: Doesn't flinch

    For anybody who questioned how serious this man is, that moment right there should have cleared up ANY doubt! Sometimes a closed mouth should be the clearest response

  • Patrick McMillian

    Patrick McMillian

     6 days ago

    You 100% Right,Mason Betha.

  • Sean Miller

    Sean Miller

     6 days ago

    Angie was retarded this whole interview!!!

  • Jerry Miah

    Jerry Miah

     6 days ago

    This is one of the greatest interviews ever.

  • Dale Traverso

    Dale Traverso

     7 days ago

    Mase,growing up in a Harlem that was real rough at the time, probably has lots of stories.I want to hear more about his early life with the Dips (minus Juelz ) before and right after he blew up with Bad Boy. Jim Jones was most likely a big agitator in the rift between Mase and Cam

  • KiKi Foxx-Banks

    KiKi Foxx-Banks

     7 days ago

    I know Angie was ANNOYED by him because I am❗He sounds like he's lying❗Why interview if you're not going to be straight up❓

  • rapmantheoneman


     7 days ago

    I agree with most of comments here. She admittedly was not prepared to interview Mase. She was out of her league that day (not to say she couldn't have handled it on a better day where she was prepared)-So, I think she was very nervous and could not handle an impromptu interview with high intellect of Mase.

  • Bradley Stanley

    Bradley Stanley

     7 days ago

    He Says I'm Past That I'm Grown , But Yet He Made A Diss Song 🤔🤔

  • Donald Anderson

    Donald Anderson

     7 days ago +2

    Mase the only 1 that survived The Diddy curse