how to create billie eilish's "bad guy"

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • hello here is the easiest way to create billie eilish's song "bad guy" from scratch. yes i actually used those items to create the sounds you are hearing. i am so sorry for this

    Thank you so much for watching!

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  • SethEverman

     (Apr 13, 2019)

    thank you so much for the support and nice comments! i guess i did the music too well, since it instantly got copyright claimed for using billie eilish's song. oh well

  • sammy4797

     (4 days ago)


  • Lakhwinder Singh

     (4 days ago)

    I guess Billie owns “we are number one” then...

  • S

     (Apr 14, 2019)

    wow can't believe Seth actually got Billie in the video

  • The_Punchy77

     (3 hours ago)

    HD Fox you are the one who was r/wooooshed

  • The_Punchy77

     (3 hours ago)

    Ahhahahah Ahhahahah r/woooosh

  • RealmBoy

     (1 day ago)

    Dude Billie Eishlish covered your song and she’s super famous now wth

  • Lcakelol A.K.A Cake

     (54 minutes ago)

    Kaizo Shamisen AUTTP / VGCP, Chill dude r/wooooosh

  • K Pvp

     (1 hour ago)

    Pattoncookie r/wooosh

  • Above and Leon

     (1 day ago)

    I wake up and start everyday with this video hoping that it would somehow magically turn into the full version....

  • Above and Leon

     (11 hours ago)

    I've looked... They are sad recreations by people who don't have the musicality and talent of the one and only Seth Everman 😞

  • Uncomfy Moans

     (11 hours ago)

    Theres one out there somewhere

  • Darkness

     (1 day ago)

    Billie Eilish: "my song is perfect"Seth: "Hold my couch"

  • cezar7_

     (1 hour ago)

    +Myiia_ r/wooosh

  • Archie Flynn

     (1 hour ago)

    +Myiia_ lol why would you think that dumbass

  • Sara Najem

     (1 day ago)

    I've rewatched this so many times i think its unhealthy

  • I stole ur cookies

     (43 minutes ago)


  • Yeetus Deletus

     (3 hours ago)

    I’m stuck rewatching it too

  • rihasanat rofolo

     (Apr 13, 2019)

    how to create billie eilish's *"bald guy"*

  • Samir Förster

     (1 hour ago)


  • Kelin Teresa

     (4 hours ago)

    Hahahahah i love you

  • Swiss Reenactor

     (1 day ago)

    teacher: what instrument do you playsetheverman: yes

  • hard rock boy

     (8 hours ago)


  • A Person

     (1 day ago)

    billie eilish: this is cool*gets copyright claimedbillie eilish: w H a t

  • Max Matrix

     (1 day ago)

    *Surprised Pikachu*

  • Icezy Yeah

     (1 day ago)

    Can Someone Do A 10 Hours Video About This?