ESCAPE ROOM (2019) Ending + Sequel Tease Explained

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • #escaperoom #endingexplained #puzzleface

    In the twisty thriller Escape Room, a group of strangers find themselves forced to play a game to survive, but there is a much bigger story at play than it initially appears. Learn all about what connects these strangers, the surprising twists, and explaining the ending which teases a potential sequel.

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  • Lee Lorenz

    Lee Lorenz


    no need to go through the whole film. just give us the meaning of the ending. also similar to Fincher's Game

  • Jessi Gießler

    Jessi Gießler


    A sales man for Vegan dog food... He should've just died if he is now selling shit that slowly starves poor dogs until they die because they lag nutrition

  • Garrett Anderson

    Garrett Anderson

     4 days ago

    The scary part is that id watch a chapter 2

  • a girl named brett

    a girl named brett

     5 days ago

    def. a hostel vibe as well, maybe its just me. even the black boxes in Doctor Eho weren't good so ima just stay away lol

  • Melodey Gall

    Melodey Gall

     6 days ago

    The drug was very strong acid. The part of being killed in a escape room or something like so is pretty realistic for a horror movie. It’s basically a modern day jigsaw which I mean it’s pretty smart in the sense of people would only watch so many of the jigsaw movies

  • VivaLaGTA


     7 days ago

    I thought it was going to end up that Danny guy was the puzzle master, since he was the only one without a sole survivor story, or at least a plant or something. Did he have a back story that actually explained his reason for being there other than being an escape room junkie?

  • Apollymiia Thanata

    Apollymiia Thanata

     7 days ago

    It's like Saw mixed with Unfriended: The Dark Web

  • JigsawJay007


     7 days ago +1

    I love this movie. I want a sequel

  • Daniel


     7 days ago

    Literally LOL! @ 13:00 - "what?!"

  • Shsh Cardinale

    Shsh Cardinale

     7 days ago

    BTW This Could Be Final Destination 6 Because They All Cheated Death And All-Most Die!

  • Shsh Cardinale

    Shsh Cardinale

     7 days ago

    Who Finished An Escape Room Watched Escape Room And Watched Found Flix Ending Explained Escape Room

    I DID

  • SupremeDream _

    SupremeDream _

     7 days ago

    Am I the only one that didn’t reallyyyy like this movie .. it was bad but it was great.

  • Nelly Fashion

    Nelly Fashion

     7 days ago

    That end part with the puppet was funny

  • Julian


     7 days ago

    13:13 Ah you thought I would be some Saw ripoff, but it was I, DIO!

  • salaciousBastard


     7 days ago

    12:14 I'm sorry. If I were Ben, that heifer would've been booking that plane ticket by herself.

  • Svinja


     7 days ago

    9:17 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Megluvyoutube20


     7 days ago

    it took me a while to realize that the SAW franchise is basically a bunch of deadly escape rooms

  • Chris Geoffrey

    Chris Geoffrey

     14 days ago

    There's 2 versions if this same movie. Both are pretty much carbon copy, cookie cutter films just using different actors

  • ryan liang

    ryan liang

     14 days ago

    why are people saying this is a bad movie? not like they could write a better one themselves

  • BelowAverageLuke


     14 days ago

    I loved it. AND. I. WANT. MORE.