10 Wrestlers Who HATED Losing

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 22, 2019
  • It's only a game but some played it so seriously! These are 10 wrestlers who hated losing.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Vlvw_-T-4zk


  • Muhammad Ehsan

    Muhammad Ehsan

     6 hours ago

    Shawn micheals is the greatest wrestler of all time

  • Mike Riley

    Mike Riley

     3 days ago

    For fucks sake, who likes losing?

  • Gary Evans

    Gary Evans

     5 days ago

    So you do know that SCSA wanted the match with Lesnar on PPV and not on Raw. Had nothing to do with losing at all. Get your facts straight.

  • Billy Hailey

    Billy Hailey

     7 days ago


  • Rob Johnson

    Rob Johnson

     7 days ago

    Ronda Rousey? Bitch cant even handle being booed. Taker put over a lot of guys. He tried to put over Giant Gonzales. He gets a pass.

  • dj7909dj


     14 days ago

    Before video starts Hogan has to be 1 hbk has to be 2

  • 717jeezy


     14 days ago

    I forget which interview it was but I remember listening to one about someone arguing with golberg about him losing and he just straight up stuck his tounge out and went "rrrrahhhhh" 不不 . And the guy was like " seriously dude?? Are you that much bought into your own gimmick?? We're backstage and we don't settle things with our gimmicks" this was early in golbergs career I'd say within his first year. He literally thought that he was this monster of a guy. Could you blame him though? He was booked as a top guy from the start and had no prior experience in the industry . He had no idea how things really went down . It's just funny to thing that he brought out his gimmick in an actual argument . 不不不不

  • WWFAttitudeEraFreak


     14 days ago

    Cena? Goldberg?

  • Baki Ryuskaue

    Baki Ryuskaue

     14 days ago

    Taker does not deserve to be here. Taker always wanted to put new wrestlers over and he was the one to ask to randy end the streak.

  • Daniel Rusman

    Daniel Rusman

     14 days ago

    John Cena? Brock Lesnar?

  • Vic Rector

    Vic Rector

     14 days ago

    You dont listen to something to wrestle with ppparently take would never refuse to lose

  • NoirTech


     21 days ago

    i'm stopping because if Hogan is number 2, I must be getting ribbed, there can't be a number 1 if Hogan is 2

  • Admiral Bishop

    Admiral Bishop

     21 days ago

    i like this aesthetic

  • Tony Williams

    Tony Williams

     21 days ago

    Does Brock Lesnar makes the list? He hate losing to a really good wrestler like Seth Rollins! Even back during the Ruthless Aggression Era, Goldberg or Kurt Angle owned Muscles-head Brock Lesnar before he went to the UFC!

  • Nobody You Know

    Nobody You Know

     21 days ago

    HBK should definitely be in the top three of this list. However they left out the most important example of anti-jobbing HBK: when Shawn, at the last minute, refused to drop the European title to the British bulldog in England (1997) after the Bulldog had already dedicated the match to his sister who had cancer.

  • a warriorspirit

    a warriorspirit

     21 days ago

    You forgot Cena.

  • shoham ziv

    shoham ziv

     21 days ago

    Please check the record of Mr. wrestlemania at, err... wrestlemanias. 11 losses and only 6 wins. So what the hell in putting HBK as number 1?

  • Jakari_ Reese

    Jakari_ Reese

     21 days ago

    So pretty much all wrestlers considered a legend in the WWE were sore losers?

  • emanuel stornello

    emanuel stornello

     21 days ago

    Not even hbk could whine and rant enough to outpolitic the immortal one

  • NintenRetroGamer


     21 days ago

    Shawn Michaels was the first wrestler who I thought of when I read the moniker of wrestlers not wanting to lose.