Live Developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas 10/11/2018

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 11, 2018
  • We sat down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas to answer your World of Warcraft questions.
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  • Denis Larin

    Denis Larin

     10 months ago +140

    Have you ever tried playing your own game?

  • Austin Woodruff

    Austin Woodruff

     10 months ago +670

    It feels like watching lawyers in court. Dancing around answers without ever touching them. Is this really necessary? It's a game not congress just give us an answer or tell us you refuse to give one. At least that's better than this charade.

  • o k

    o k

     10 months ago +84

    We should thank Ion for breaking everyones WoW addictions since the game is complete garbage now

  • Kamran R

    Kamran R

     10 months ago +25

    Why would anyone play this game after this Q&A Lol.

  • Reda Sahraoui

    Reda Sahraoui

     10 months ago +492

    Expected nothing, still disappointed.

  • John T

    John T

     10 months ago +30

    These guys are on track to making blizzard the next EA.



     10 months ago +22

    Sound´s like you dont even play the game anymore...

  • Milanotitan


     10 months ago +30

    The disconnect between the community and the dev team is absolutely astounding. I don't know how but you somehow managed to get from "Legion is my 3rd favorite expansion" to "I wholeheartedly regret buying Battle for Azeroth at this state" in a rather short matter of time. Just ... how? What is happening to my favorite game?

  • Lqla


     10 months ago +567

    Sees massive dislikes, ignores video reads comments

  • Alvaro Rodriguez

    Alvaro Rodriguez

     10 months ago +164

    Speak with your wallets ladies and gents.

  • Marco Figueroa

    Marco Figueroa

     10 months ago +34

    Ion "game destroyer" hazzikostas

  • Arian Dito

    Arian Dito

     10 months ago +468

    I don't understand how they took legion and instead of improving on it they just made it worst

  • DarkChas


     10 months ago +19

    who's that homeless guy? would like to donate.

  • BEE 123

    BEE 123

     10 months ago +319

    How to not answer questions 101

  • Aedan Blounsø

    Aedan Blounsø

     10 months ago +50

    The real answer here were “we want you to spend unnecessary long time to grind out your gear and progress, so we can earn more sub money from you. We are doing this by introducing the most complex RNG system yet, and by severely punishing you for wanting to switch role, so you can also feed us money while hitting the gear slot machines”

  • Arian Dito

    Arian Dito

     10 months ago +101

    Live failure denial with out of touch game director

  • Maverick512000


     10 months ago +22

    I just want to say thank you to Ion and Josh. I was worried about 8.1 and what I was going to do. Now I'm reassured and can unsub and go play Elder Scrolls Online and know I'm not missing anything.

  • slim tim

    slim tim

     10 months ago +67

    Warfronts are the most boring thing I have ever done in wow. How do you have an expansion about the war between alliance and horde and their is not even a pvp warfront.

  • jeppepeppe22


     10 months ago +28

    Easiest unsub of my life, we are threading in to territory that is worse the WoD. Hope more people cancel their subs because that is the only langugage blizzard speaks. Aslong as you guys pay them they are not going to change anything.

  • Arian Dito

    Arian Dito

     10 months ago +381

    tbh this world of warcraft team don't deserve this dedicated fan-base that stays with the game even when it's broken
    it's like they don't even wanna improve the goddamn game anymore