FORTE - Three Tenors meet online and shock the judges on Americas Got Talent! - Pie Jesu

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 15, 2013
  • Like + Subscribe & Leave a comment! on Twitter @ForteTenors & Tenors Josh Page, Fernando Varela, and Hana Ryu shock the judges after meeting only a few days before, coming together, and blowing away the world with a powerful collective voice. Forte represent the harmony of different people in America coming together.
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  • Joshua Minke

     10 days ago

    the dude in the green coat is epic, the other 2 are great also, but when the green guy started singing, i was like WOAH!

  • Eileen Spink

     3 days ago

    what beautiful guys with greet voices they will go far BRILLIANT

  • Ash1985Aurora

     23 days ago

    OMG my hand hair is standing😨😨 its fell like in movie sound of music😚😚

  • Victoria Amuchastegui

     3 years ago

    it's like when you say you didn't study for a test and still get an A...amazing.

  • Justin Destroyer


    That actually always happens to me, I dont like studying I hate Studying but i kept on paying attention to class.. so

  • Alrey Foronda

     21 days ago

    There’s an asian in that audition. Hahaha

  • Marlene Vivone

     3 days ago

    WOW!!! these guys are certainly talented even though they didn't win they willgo a long way

  • onyedinma chibueze

     20 days ago

    Classical music is royalty. So much purity in their voices. Beautiful audition but sad they didn't win it.

  • William Maldonado

     3 years ago

    That high C5 the korean guy hit sounded so beautiful...

  • chsccy

     2 years ago

    The current lineup (Josh, Hana, Sean) is the best!

  • jsbaltes

     2 years ago

    Wow... I just never get tired of listening to this. Thx for the update. Regardless of the lineup...I will keep listening to you guys. JUST. THAT. GOOD.

  • Linda Stone

     5 years ago

    These young men are talented.  I can't believe there aren't a million views.  Bravo...bravo...worthy of the Met and La Scala

  • Solon Palmyra Grissom

     4 years ago

    The blonde Bimbo in the audience that said "they look like a joke" just before they started singing. . . now SHE is a joke!

  • Kemonty Johnson

     10 days ago

    Hell yeah i agree with you.

  • Geoff Morgan

     28 days ago

    She's Brunette ,You Plonker!!!!!

  • Timber180

     5 years ago

    To the lady who said they look like a joke, you muuuuust be feeling stupid. They already have an album and are on tour!

  • Tconl

     4 days ago

    @Akira S. Watch some move vids. All perfectly timed, all like "eh this is gonna be awfull" (and then epic suprise ofc), etc. This isn't the only part of the show that is scripted. Many examples over the web with such shows.

  • Akira S.

     5 days ago

    @Tconl Not saying it wasn't scripted, but they have microphones all over the audience