FORTE - Three Tenors meet online and shock the judges on Americas Got Talent! - Pie Jesu

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 15, 2013
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    Forte Tenors Josh Page, Fernando Varela, and Hana Ryu shock the judges after meeting only a few days before, coming together, and blowing away the world with a powerful collective voice. Forte represent the harmony of different people in America coming together.
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  • John McLachlan

    John McLachlan

     21 hours ago

    Wow, they send shivers down my spine, tenors never get old with me.

  • berniepeng


     21 hours ago

    No that's music, classical music, not the shit tyler produces.

  • headrushindi


     23 hours ago

    wow......what can you say when you get hit with a full on frontal assault of talent ! How great was that

  • Donald Greenbriar

    Donald Greenbriar


    What a crock of shit, this guy claims to have come America 4 years ago and speaks English better than most Americans and has no accent, I call BULL SHITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Pilato

    Tony Pilato


    The girl that said they look like jokes ,ummm,then why are you sitting on audience instead of standing on the stage ??ohh yeah I get it ,cause you are a joke lol

  • hugh mcilveen

    hugh mcilveen

     2 days ago

    And the judges didn't get that they were miming...they admitted it later.. funny.

  • Robert Oreilly

    Robert Oreilly

     2 days ago

    Hope for humanity...

  • Marijan Brecelj

    Marijan Brecelj

     3 days ago


  • 6684 ACE

    6684 ACE

     3 days ago

    Immigrants-- USA's strength!

  • Jamie Fisher

    Jamie Fisher

     3 days ago

    That is totally awesome!!! I really love it.

  • Rose Diamond

    Rose Diamond

     3 days ago

    Was awesome

  • Barbara Gonzales

    Barbara Gonzales

     3 days ago

    Heidi Klum you’re the joke.They were fantastic.You have done nothing musical in your life Can’t understand why you’re even a judge.Apart from modelling and being married to Seal yrs ago. You’re a blonde bimbo with attitude.No wonder Seal dumped you. He has class you lady have none.

  • Barbara Gonzales

    Barbara Gonzales

     3 days ago

    Are they still performing..

  • Dr-Stephen Newdell

    Dr-Stephen Newdell

     4 days ago

    I hope you three men take very good care of your health and voices. Music and classical culture lifts and society. We need much more of what you do. Please continue making music together.

  • Ulrika Högberg

    Ulrika Högberg

     4 days ago




     4 days ago


  • Christobal Ian Cantu

    Christobal Ian Cantu

     4 days ago


  • Rachel MacDonald

    Rachel MacDonald

     5 days ago


  • skla ave

    skla ave

     5 days ago


  • simon howells

    simon howells

     6 days ago

    The woman in the audience 3.09 who says " wow" is gorgeous