The 12 Most Hyped Players That FAILED in the NBA *Part 1*

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 28, 2019
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  • Math Simon

    Math Simon


    Doesn't put Wiggins in the list cause he's still too young but places Fultz who is far younger than Wiggins in the league. Makes sense!

  • AIversonI


     7 days ago

    I was soooooo hoping you wouldn't include Fultz, but you failed and are like everybody else and calling him a bust simply cause he can't get on the floor because of injury or whatever else is going on - those reasons don't equal that someone is a bust, just like Oden was never a bust. People need to learn that. Thumbs down!

  • Jr B

    Jr B

     7 days ago +1

    Never forget lebron carried a team to the finals that drafted Anthony FKN Bennet and fell to the worst team in the league the moment he left with the same roster

  • SW


     7 days ago

    It is unfair to call Bennett a bust because he was not that good at UNLV. You are right that it was not his fault he was drafted #1.

  • L Lawes

    L Lawes

     7 days ago

    I know Okafor has not liven up to potential but you called 17ppg and 8rbg in college basketball “decent”. That’s crazy Beasley and Durant put up ridiculous #’s as freshman because they are high usage players who played on average teams. Duke won a national championship that year. College basketball you play eight less minutes a game. He was a consensus first team all American, Acc player of the year and National Freshman of the year, but put up “decent stats”.

  • Shawn Wang

    Shawn Wang

     7 days ago

    I think Jahlil Okafor is just unfortunate that the situation was never right for him. He was drafted to Philly, then they got Embiid and already had Nerlens Noel. He gets passed around the league to a bunch of teams that liked to play fast, and so didn't get much playing time. His lack of defense also didn't help.
    We all see how talented he is offensively, face-up, back to the basket, he has all the big man moves and they look smooth as hell. When he was on NOP and Davis went down he had a stretch of games where he averaged 20+ on very efficient shooting.
    I still believe Okafor can be an asset if given the right situation.

  • Mark Terrell

    Mark Terrell

     7 days ago

    Jimmer Fredette

  • Kirkos


     7 days ago

    Now Jimmy is making threes in Euroleague

  • John Martin

    John Martin

     7 days ago

    Wiggins is a good player.Fredette is not even NBA

  • lucky C bro

    lucky C bro

     14 days ago

    Lonzo 13 pts 33 minutes a game he's garbage

  • Huey Newton

    Huey Newton

     14 days ago

    Okaphor was good until he got into that fight in Philadelphia



     14 days ago

    I think Lonzo should be the greatest Bust Of All Time! The G-BOAT!



     14 days ago

    Lmao thats fucked up what u said about Fultz haha

  • divyam garg

    divyam garg

     14 days ago

    Add Zion Williamson

  • Brian L

    Brian L

     21 days ago

    I never heard of Benetts hype. He may be the biggest bust of allllll times but I'm not sure if Bennett is even worthy of mentioning in this video where you're going through *hyped rookies

  • Master Diablo

    Master Diablo

     21 days ago

    Id still pick MKG over Harrison Barnes. his impact on a team doesnt show in the stats.



     21 days ago

    Lonzo is no bust



     21 days ago

    Drayton was right these teams deserve a lot of the blame here.

  • LuisRuben Santana

    LuisRuben Santana

     21 days ago

    Why does Austin call everyone trash like why can’t he play and show us his skills

  • chitty F

    chitty F

     21 days ago

    Jahlil Oakfor is not a bust it's not his fault the NBA teams not using him