Unbox This! - Aostirmotor S07-B Electric Bike!

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 19, 2021
  • Zoom from place to place on the Aostirmotor S07-B Electric Bike! In today's episode of Unbox This!, we're unwrapping and test riding the Aostirmotor S07-B Electric Bike! This electric bike comes equipped with a 750 watt motor and a rechargeable, removable battery. The max range for the S07-B is 35-80 km which equals 22 to 50 miles, depending on the mode you’re in and the speed you’re going. It hits max speeds of 28 miles per hour, and you can keep track of how fast you’re going with the multifunctional intelligent LCD display. This electric mountain bike comes with shock absorption springs to give you a smooth ride, specifically when you’re going downhill. They absorb energy over bumpy or rough terrain so you can stay comfortable while you’re cruising. The fat tires are great for climbing steep hills...the larger surface area gives you a strong grip for stable incline climbing and sturdiness when you’re on an uneven path.

    Wanna ride? Shop the Aostirmotor S07-B Electric Bike here: https://newegg.io/bf943b3
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    00:00 - Introducing the Aostirmotor S07-B Electric Bike
    00:20 - Describing the Aostirmotor S07-B Electric Bike
    1:00 - ASMR Unboxing of the Aostirmotor S07-B Electric Bike
    9:00 - Specs for the Aostirmotor S07-B Electric Bike
    10:38 - Test Riding the Aostirmotor S07-B Electric Bike
    10:54 - Outro



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