Lil Duval Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (04/08/2016)

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 8, 2016
  • Lil Duval chats with The Breakfast Club about his hew movie Meet The Blacks and Katt Williams acting out.Click Here To Subscribe! ► The Breakfast Club's Best Interviews ► Breakfast Club Official Website ► #BreakfastClub
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  • Jasmine Farrow

    Jasmine Farrow

     3 years ago +107

    I love cthagod and lil Duval friendship.

  • Juan Bodre

    Juan Bodre

     3 years ago +70

    I Know Lil' Duval Feet are dangling in the Air

  • LanceTV


     3 years ago +88

    Angela Yee made sure she wasn't here because she knew Lil Duval was gonna roast her to a pulp. Lmfaoo

  • Boogie on 2

    Boogie on 2

     3 years ago +47

    You can tell he and CthaGod are friends in real life and not just for tv. CthaGod looking at him like "that's my homie up here"

  • MzzThang


     3 years ago +51

    We as black people need to support black people projects and businesses! This interview was too short

  • Edub


     3 years ago +46

    I love the chemistry between Charlamagne and Lil Duval. They funny af together.

  • Q Trucker

    Q Trucker

     3 years ago +94

    Ctha god was trying get him to diss katt didnt work tho...give ctha god the donkey of the day lmao

  • maliik johnson

    maliik johnson

     3 years ago +32

    Duval had them K Michelle jokes on tuck for Yee

  • LanceTV


     3 years ago +122

    "Now Little Duval I see you're talking about your friend and his love for pistols.... Can you go ahead and explain to the people back home what a pistol is?"
    -Dj Envy

  • Brandon CuTz

    Brandon CuTz

     3 years ago +85

    He paid out his own pocket for those movie pop ups because he's following Kevin Harts blueprint instead of hating smart man‼️💪🏾

  • Marella201


     3 years ago +201

    K.michelle came for yee so hard she had to take time off work for depression. 😩

  • Legendary Trillx

    Legendary Trillx

     3 years ago +42

    Charlamagne get dj akademiks on the breakfast club

  • Minas Som

    Minas Som

     3 years ago +6

    Lil Duval looks like he's a funny mf to be around!

  • Harvey Barrow

    Harvey Barrow

     3 years ago +6

    is the camera man having a seizure

  • Kimber Flash

    Kimber Flash

     3 years ago +21

    I like him. He's so real. Been that same ninja since day one. And he from my home state Florida.

  • The Bridge

    The Bridge

     3 years ago +18

    yo it really hit me, the breakfast club really is like the new 106 and park

  • Romondo Alexander

    Romondo Alexander

     3 years ago +14

    Envy: Now that you're flying private And have a movie out. Do you move any different?Envy: Can you explain what a Duval is for the people who don't know at home.
    Envy You cant curse!
    Envye: "Shut up"

  • Ky


     3 years ago +7

    Guess yee needed a breather after k Michelle

  • Dali Sandhu

    Dali Sandhu

     3 years ago +5

    Yee still recovering from K Michelle checking her last week

  • Solo Dolo

    Solo Dolo

     3 years ago +2

    kat legend big dawg... he been out just as long as steve Harvey. definitely longer than kevin