"Doctors Of Reddit" #2 | WEIRDEST Patient Stories

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 15, 2019
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  • Dakota Dirden

    Dakota Dirden

     2 hours ago

    Bewoop! Lol

  • Cow foot

    Cow foot

     2 hours ago

    I had worms and I was 9 when I felt something inside my butt and for some reason I shoved my finger up my bum and pulled it out and a little white worm was in between my fingernail ...............

  • Pirah Noor

    Pirah Noor

     3 hours ago

    Yellow shirt?! 🙄🤦

  • stephanie turpen

    stephanie turpen

     9 hours ago

    My 2 year old has type 1 diabetes and as a doctor you should know a person can be any age for type 1 diabetes. (In refrence to the blood work, comment you made.) I am assuming you were referring to type 2 but still a bad wording choice.

  • Pax Arias

    Pax Arias

     13 hours ago

    Don't use Doctor Mike's toothpicks!

  • Dreaming Dragon

    Dreaming Dragon

     14 hours ago

    My grandma is a special woman....When my mom was younger, and before she had me, she got pinworms. Common worm, common treatment. Well, my grandma is special, as I said. My mom woke up in the middle of the night, still with pinworms, and saw my grandmother with a piece of scotch tape and a flashlight, ready to place the tape -_-. I’m embarrassed just to tell everyone this hilarious story

  • Nachtfalter


     16 hours ago

    Aah that's why I don't like going to the doctor. They just ask you extremely personal embarrassing questions right away when you come trough their door, probably with attractive young assistants standing around looking at you. And then you make a white lie just to come out of the painfully unpleasant situation as quickly as possible and a few minutes later you realize that it might be good to let them know this detail too but how do you say it now, it's still an embarrassing topic and now even more because you admit you lied beforehand.... uuuugh. I'm curling up right now just thinking of it. I wish doctors would have more time for the patient and would actually give them time to open up and loosen up the mood a little before they get hands down into your private space. Then maybe patients wouldn't lie so much and doctors could help properly right on. Sorry for wall of text, needed to process a little trauma here.

  • JakulaithWolff


     17 hours ago +1

    ohmahgah Zack Fair is real

  • Erica Smith

    Erica Smith

     19 hours ago

    This reminds me of the time I burnt my butt hole. I didn’t want to tell the doctor, that I was working for at the time, I was conducting a science experiment to obtain scientific facts that a lighter in addition to flatulence would cause combustion. After I stopped working for that doctor, I went on a few dates with him. I credit myself on being pretty creative, but a cover story was a challenge! I still don’t think he knows what caused that butt hole burn.

  • Alex Chhay

    Alex Chhay


    Me sister got worms from the neighbor’s cat pooping in our yard. She mentioned it a birthday party and the Mom there called CPS and left chuck e. Cheese without my sister

  • שחר א.

    שחר א.

     yesterday +1

    “I don’t put Qtips in my ear” is the weirdest lie I’ve ever heard

  • Theresa T

    Theresa T


    ok, how did the tide pod challenge turn into an oh people are so dumb their eating tide pods thing? The tide pod challenge is to use a tide pod to clean your laundry, not eat the tide pod

  • Andrewpndas YT

    Andrewpndas YT


    Wait then how am I supposed to clean my ears!!!?!!?!?!!

  • Holy F***

    Holy F***


    The eating the spider thing could be epilepsy related. Some people with epilepsy have reportedly eaten spiders and other bugs.

  • Cosplay Clown

    Cosplay Clown


    when I was young, and had to go off to the sedation, my mom cut me off rom food around a time, and gave me maybe a tiny sip of water

  • carebear09 White

    carebear09 White

     yesterday +2

    so many stupid parents out there.... poor kids

  • Nassi Love

    Nassi Love


    My mom uses Q tips in her ear, and I'm like "mom that's bad" and she's like "my ear wax is watery, unlike yours so its fine"

  • rianna yong

    rianna yong


    Just to ask um I have dry ear wax so my ear wax is kinda like a dry bogger and I need to take them out so my mom takes this thing it’s a dry ear wax remover and you have to reach in quite deep to take it out is it still ok? Cuz I still need to take it out

  • Qiihu





  • Evan b

    Evan b

     2 days ago +3

    I never lie about smoking cigarettes or weed. Hell, I dont lie to my doctor. Thats bad juju.