Irish People Try Weird Whiskey Mixes

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 18, 2019
  • MERCH MADNESS: - Irish People Try Whiskey with...pickle juice?! Oh no...
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    We all love whiskey - have we mentioned that? Who doesn't! So to mix things up, we decided to get a variety of drinks to mix up with whiskey, and see how 'weird' each of our Irish People thought these concotions we were...

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  • A MAC

    A MAC

     4 hours ago

    Listen up young bucks.

    Do NOT mix coffee and alcohol.

    You don't want to be drunk AND wide awake.

  • imallearsru


     22 hours ago

    The beer and whiskey is't weird it's known as a boilermaker ' I make mine by pouring a mug of beer and a shot of whiskey, then dropping the shot glass into the mug. One of my fav drinks.

  • Brionte Pettit

    Brionte Pettit


    3:02 she’s a alcoholic I can’t stand her

  • Brian Dieter

    Brian Dieter


    You did the "pickle back" wrong.
    It's a shot of whiskey then immediately a shot of pickle brine.

  • Prophet of Greyism

    Prophet of Greyism


    Can we just appreciate John’s singing intro? I felt the SOUL in those vocals 🤘🏻

    And in the states, when you mix whiskey and beer, it’s called a Boiler Maker. Usually because it churns your stomach 🤣 But that’s also usually done with lite beer, which is... as the Germans call it, Pißwasser. The ß is a “ss” sound. Almost like a hiss. Which makes it all the more fitting... 🤣

  • Brett_Kendrick


     2 days ago +1

    "If I was an alcoholic I would have a lower tolerance."

  • Travis Ross

    Travis Ross

     2 days ago

    Caira is 🔥 🔥🔥

  • stern12


     2 days ago

    Whiskey Beer = Boiler Maker you just need to drop the shot

  • Wali Hamid

    Wali Hamid

     2 days ago

    If Kira is in the video, then I watch.

  • Mike Andrew

    Mike Andrew

     2 days ago

    Limerick, birthplace of Irish coffee.

  • Walter K Bauer

    Walter K Bauer

     3 days ago

    The King & Queen of the drink.
    (Warner Brothers Cartoons)

  • Chad Winters

    Chad Winters

     3 days ago

    "Its like a really fucked up version of Malibu" I love her

  • Jesais Hall

    Jesais Hall

     4 days ago

    "Coconut? You evil people!" Haha

  • Vivek


     4 days ago

    A hog in a mog...

  • Tim Buktu

    Tim Buktu

     4 days ago

    In America we call whiskey and beer a boiler maker.

  • Tim Buktu

    Tim Buktu

     4 days ago +1

    I used to put whiskey in my coffee. Now I just put whiskey in my coffee cup.

  • Brian Mann

    Brian Mann

     5 days ago

    Ciara is absolutely gorgeously stunning if that is even a thing. I would need a half hour head start just to keep up with if you’re reading this....I love you girl.

  • Dave McBroom

    Dave McBroom

     5 days ago

    Their accents get thicker with every sip. 😂

  • Alexes Johnson

    Alexes Johnson

     5 days ago

    Whiskey and Jameson is called a Brooklyn hooker where I’m from lmao but god does it remove the burn. Everyone should try it lol

  • whozred


     6 days ago

    Whiskey w/pickle back...drink a shot of whiskey followed with a shot of pickle juice. Not mixing the two together.