Top 100 Runs in NFL History!

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 25, 2019
  • Check out the top 100 runs in NFL history!

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  • Rent To Own Rent To Own

    Rent To Own Rent To Own

     2 hours ago

    No Eric Dickerson.....are you frickin insane......Dickerson is in the top 3 Easy.

  • Rent To Own Rent To Own

    Rent To Own Rent To Own

     2 hours ago

    OJ Simpson, Reggie Bush, Eric Dickerson, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Adrien Peterson, Walter Payton, Faulk,

  • Rent To Own Rent To Own

    Rent To Own Rent To Own

     2 hours ago

    Steve Van Buren's run must have been put on the list for affirmative action for the extinct white running back.....LOL....that run sucked and was very basic at best.

  • Rent To Own Rent To Own

    Rent To Own Rent To Own

     2 hours ago

    Bo Jackson's run is in the top 5

  • Mariotta 88

    Mariotta 88

     3 hours ago

    Jesus Is Lord

  • Sven


     7 hours ago

    I swear to god lynch could take on the entire team and make a touchdown

  • modelman man

    modelman man

     11 hours ago

    In todays nfl I wonder how many of the runs would have not counted hashtag come on ref lol

  • 88 Heckenlively

    88 Heckenlively

     11 hours ago

    Remember Tecmo Bowl on Nintendo? Bo Jackson and Walter Payton were unstoppable.

  • Brendan Sifre

    Brendan Sifre

     12 hours ago

    The entire time I was wondering where beast quake was lol

  • trio pandilla

    trio pandilla

     13 hours ago


  • Mysonne Pickens

    Mysonne Pickens

     15 hours ago

    2:10 though dang

  • alijah andretta

    alijah andretta

     15 hours ago


  • Rashard Walker

    Rashard Walker

     16 hours ago

    Bo jacksonnnnnnnnnn

  • Anthony Wright

    Anthony Wright

     22 hours ago

    There were a lot of great runs in this video but I don't understand how this video does not have any runs by the great Marcus Allen, the great Eric Dickerson, the great Thurman Thomas and the great Neal Anderson. All four of those men had some runs that were Rembrandts. And how could you forget about Walter Payton's 85 yard masterpiece in the 1979 wild card playoff game against the Eagles at Philadelphia.

  • Telltale Twotones

    Telltale Twotones

     23 hours ago

    Number 30 cracks me up. There's all this athleticism going on and the commentator just says two things: ".....Steve Young....Touchdown."

  • Sean Anger

    Sean Anger


    This list (entertaining as it is) has a serious lack of Eric Dickerson on it. 6/10

  • The2001cobra



    Should be 45 runs of Walter, 45 runs of Barry and then 10 from everyone else.... Number 1 pick was pathetic

  • Claybourne Baylock

    Claybourne Baylock


    Tony d 33

  • Efrain Vazquez

    Efrain Vazquez


    16:22 ... RB catcher ...Whole set...krispi831

  • Bo Collins

    Bo Collins