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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 29, 2019
  • Game 6 of 2002 Western Conference Finals between Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers is one of the most controversial games in NBA history.

    In the last minutes of the game, Kobe Bryant’s incident with Mike Bibby seemed was the icing on the cake.

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  • Jeff Purisima

    Jeff Purisima

     10 hours ago

    Was not Kobe or Shaq’s fault but the ref was bought.

  • Louis Casas

    Louis Casas

     21 hours ago

    The Lakers still have the refs on the payroll with LeBron getting away with that travel in Utah

  • Anthony Luna

    Anthony Luna

     21 hours ago

    Overall, the kings were Robbed! Stinking Refs!

  • Dar Eus

    Dar Eus


    Why should there be any thing said about this and the 2016 finals with all those phantom imaginary calls for the Cavs have never been addressed.........shut tf up..........go lakers because 2016 finals Lebron is celebrated and given the MVP while it was the officials and Kyrie who won that series..........

  • Hicks Paul

    Hicks Paul


    Whiners gonna whine. Go watch game 5. Pay attention to Vlade The Mad Flopper Divac (he's historically done great things for the Queens franchise). And be sure to watch Mike I'm Wearing A Bibby punch Kobe in the groin, foul on Kobe. Shaq with a single FT the entire game. 4 offensive fouls while The Mad Flopper was busy doing his thing. Which ended after that game, when Phil went on the tele and called out the pathetic officiating. And then in game 6, no more mad flopping, see ya Pollard (him as well), and after the miss, go cry on Peja's shoulder over that airballed 3. And for the cherry top sit on the toilet and shed the tears while contemplating the reality that the Queens shot less than 25% in the last two minutes of each of games 4, 5, and 6. Oh, can you thank The Mad Flopper for that tip out to Horry in game 4. Thank you too.

  • TheLuscious


     2 days ago

    Worst officiated game in NBA history

  • Jonathan Reed

    Jonathan Reed

     3 days ago

    Rigged... So damn rigged....

  • Dre Day

    Dre Day

     3 days ago

    The Lakers were paper champions that year!!!!

  • Turk


     3 days ago

    13:43 Tim D had a perfect view of Kobe elbowing Bibby

  • Carl Herks

    Carl Herks

     3 days ago

    Damn those Refs they been bought but the Mafia in Hollywood.

  • Andy Freeman

    Andy Freeman

     4 days ago

    Shaq on the winning end of the 2 worst officiated finals in NBA history, this series and 2006 Heat vs Mavericks. Coincidence?

  • Ron Misanes

    Ron Misanes

     4 days ago

    All referees are payed by laker's owner.

  • MoneyMo


     4 days ago

    I remember this pathetic game. The only reason it stands out is the Kings were too good to crumble and didn't give the Lakers any momentum. Most of the time a single call will turn the game around. It didn't happen here, so they had to keep making imaginary calls. The Kings were the better team, and the NBA wanted the Lakers to win. All sports pull crap like this. They're not legit.

  • William Schneller

    William Schneller

     5 days ago

    Refs had to give the Lakers 24 free throws to win... this and Barcelona vs Chelsea are the most blatantly rigged games ive seen so far lmao

  • Ernest Henderson

    Ernest Henderson

     5 days ago +1

    Laker fan... the Kings had the better team...They win Game 7 at home if they had made their free throws...

  • jansen melo

    jansen melo

     5 days ago +1

    I remember this game, The Kings suppose to win. But referees helping the Lakers to win. is terrible.

  • Wicked Gaming

    Wicked Gaming

     5 days ago

    If the WWE is fixed y’all don’t think the NBA and NFL are fixed?

  • Paul Liyester

    Paul Liyester

     5 days ago

    Disgusting win but money is at stake here so, nice game



     5 days ago


  • mehmet rasim inceoglu

    mehmet rasim inceoglu

     5 days ago +1

    The refs should be celebrating too, since their tam won.