Kids Describe Their Parents to an Illustrator | Kids Describe | HiHo Kids

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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  • HiHo Kids

    HiHo Kids

     11 months ago +435

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  • Alexandra the Great

    Alexandra the Great

     4 months ago +7339

    I wish there were a comparison at the end

  • ItzJocelyn


     5 months ago +6473

    I think this should be called *kids expose their parents*

  • imagine2C


     3 months ago +5374

    “I call her mom because she raised me”...exactly 💕

  • #coolnerd subscribe

    #coolnerd subscribe

     3 months ago +2364

    The illustrator has a really charming conversation skill

  • cece howard

    cece howard

     11 months ago +4455

    She's a flight attendant it's very boring she only gets to fly around the world...

  • iM oUtY

    iM oUtY

     4 months ago +2418

    Bruh the kid at 1:29
    artist: should I draw her smiling or....
    kid:draw her smoking a cigarette !!
    😂 lol

  • Tia D

    Tia D

     4 months ago +2250

    disappointed as hell.. i really wanted to see the parents reactions

  • Damien Garbutt

    Damien Garbutt

     1 months ago +785

    "Do you know how long they've known each other?" "Since they've been married." "Do you know how long they've been married?" "Since they got married." 🤣🤣

  • Marie-Lynn Issa

    Marie-Lynn Issa

     2 years ago +7000

    The kid who made his dad a bear.

  • ανγιε καμ

    ανγιε καμ

     a years ago +2516

    Clara: She's a Lawyer who tries to help bad guys in jail... 🤣😂
    And where did the Model meet the Bear 🐻???

  • Russ Richardson

    Russ Richardson

     6 months ago +1612

    Somebody marry Koji, he’s so good with kids ❤️

  • Dew Sparkles

    Dew Sparkles

     3 months ago +676

    0:39 "Can I draw my mom, dad and my GRANDMA??"
    Love that kid's excitement !!

  • Plavyed


     3 months ago +890

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that the Asian kid said that his dad was 42 feet??

  • Shark Gamer

    Shark Gamer

     5 months ago +678

    An artist: describe your mom
    My future child: draw a piece of chicken

  • XxAlixsonxX


     3 months ago +497

    Is no one gonna talk about how amazing he is at drawing??

  • Emilia


     a years ago +407

    I want to know how the parents really look like!

  • kay m

    kay m

     5 months ago +728

    "you wanna do your mom or your dad?"
    Kid: Dad! Draw a bear!

  • mucholoco


     2 years ago +9423

    "How long have they been married?"
    "Since they got married"
    Cheeky Clara XD



     1 months ago +159

    I really was waiting for the comparison part and it was not even there.