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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Video game secrets are leaked all of the time, but some become huge and blow up. Here are some crazy examples.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/WRb-YpONkxk


  • Errol Gonzaga

    Errol Gonzaga

     5 hours ago

    Nope. Once you sign an NDA or something contract, you should be responsible.

  • Lsom



    lmao that Microsoft one was funny af

  • ArchAngel121996



    dont u think the assault rifles are to far lol

  • Elliott Fairbairn

    Elliott Fairbairn


    The HL2 alpha leak got so many levels/weapons/enemies removed

  • dwayne fien

    dwayne fien

     3 days ago

    NDA.. is a contract, breach of such unless for whistle blowing, is a violation of that contract..

  • Martin Vrabec

    Martin Vrabec

     3 days ago

    Biggest leak i remember was the so called "Panama papers"

  • SouthernGamer314


     7 days ago

    Sending people to someone's house? Sitting there cleaning your shotgun "ya'll best move on outta here"...

  • Dex Dex

    Dex Dex

     7 days ago

    My biggest leaks as a kid was just like . People finding the hidden text boxes in Halo 2

  • cool 1

    cool 1

     7 days ago


  • KOSMOS1701A


     7 days ago

    pokemon sun and moon getting leaked online i think a week before the game's release. I remember it because people tried playing online and everyone did with a pirated leaked digital copy wound up getting their 3DS's banned.

  • doctajuice


     14 days ago

    I remember getting that leaked hl2 code. It was far from the finished game and mostly not very usable, which is why it ended up not being a huge deal in the end. It was really cool to get a personal preview of the graphics though and test out how well my machine would run it.

  • Anzival


     14 days ago

    apex legends was leaked one year prior to its release, and no one noticed.

  • Cherubim666999


     14 days ago

    Third n final comment
    Thumbs down for the words assault rifle. That is a newly made up term. They were likely using semi or select fire weapons

    If select fire then a combat weapon. If semi auto..wellll it's just a rifle or pistol with a shoulder stock

  • Cherubim666999


     14 days ago

    Leaks do absolutely NOTHING positive for the consumer or company...does sometimes help out competitors though I guess?

  • Cherubim666999


     14 days ago

    Anyone else wish these "leaks" n even fake ones should stop?
    I mean there's been awesome things leaked that was replaced with ....less awesome shit..just so the companies could say " uhh no that was false" n discredit the ppl leaking the info

  • Dante


     21 days ago

    Yeah, was really disappointed at ALL those MK11 leaks, especially when the whole roster gets leaked, turns out to be true, and you aren't seeing any of your favorite characters returning. It's a let down, if it werent for my friends who wanted to play I definitely would've cancelled my pre-order after seeing the(imo) disappointing base roster. (But luckily I clicked with the new Erron Black so all is well)

  • Andrew Chirchirillo

    Andrew Chirchirillo

     21 days ago

    The Sony security leak of the early 2010’s

  • D M

    D M

     28 days ago +1

    Not all aspects of a NDA are legal or enforceable many times it's just a scare tactic in the US, vares by country.

  • KAV12 FC

    KAV12 FC

     a months ago +1

    Biggest leak: Pixel 4

  • Andrew Faraday

    Andrew Faraday

     a months ago

    The 'armed police raid for valve hacker'... Sounds like a publicity exercise.