Ukulele Lesson: Daniel Ward Teaches the Flamenco Rumba Strum

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 16, 2020
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    The rumba strum happens to be one of the most useful, fun, and great-sounding strums you can do on any song in 4/4 time. Songs that have a Latin flair to them will work nicely with it, but you can also use it on songs that are usually played in totally different styles. As ukers, we are no strangers to making things up for fun and mashing styles and lyrics together in new ways to make ourselves and our friends smile, so let’s get started!

    There are hundreds of ways to play the rumba strum, with any number of techniques, accents, and patterns, from traditional styles to jazz-fusion. This lesson is going to focus on a basic and common way to play it that can easily be added to or modified as you gain more knowledge. This is in no way a lesser “starter version” of the rhythm, though. It’s easy to pick up—as long as you are patient in the beginning—and will serve you well.

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