Golf Instruction: Swing release and ball striking secrets | School of Golf | Golf Channel

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • Martin Hall and Blair O’Neal are joined by world-renowned teacher Jim McLean to discuss misconceptions about release in the swing and ball striking secrets from Sam Snead. #GolfChannel #GolfInstruction #SchoolofGolf
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    Golf Instruction: Swing release and ball striking secrets | School of Golf | Golf Channel
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  • Nigel Hunt

    Nigel Hunt

     16 hours ago

    Interesting to hear what qualification one has to have to be known as a world-renowned teacher?.
    Sam Snead on his own video acclaims and admits most of his ball striking secrets are as a result of everything he learned from knowing, playing together with and practising beside Ben Hogan.

    These guys mention Sam Snead but never mention Hogan??

    Sorry but I think they have misunderstood the golfswing or severely not researched it properly??

  • Nigel Hunt

    Nigel Hunt

     16 hours ago

    Sorry eveyone but after 40 years as a golf pro this is a crock of shit for the normal golfer. If you focus upon body rotation and not focus upon generating speed by closing the clubhead throuh impact with your wrists and hands you will continue slicing the ball the same as 90% of all your other golfing friends around the globe!! It starts with grip, set up, shoulder alignment, swingpath and clubhead rotation. I thought these guys may have mentioned Ben Hogan seeing all the other players they claim to have known were his disciples??. Good luck.

  • The Snookerist

    The Snookerist

     19 hours ago

    Would love to show Blair my release..

  • Doctor Sadique

    Doctor Sadique

     2 days ago

    Not to be a Debbie Downer but this is old dogma and BAD Advice. If you concentrate on the right arm and are a right hander this will promote flipping at impact. A better approximation of impact is from using the Impact Snap. Just not a fan of using the right hand to release as it will inherently overtake the left side and you will lack club face awareness which you need to play good golf.

  • 3Ring Binder

    3Ring Binder

     3 days ago

    great lesson. would have been so much better without the two old doods blathering about...

  • swingtrade2


     6 days ago

    PGA of America should be sued. BIG class action. All the tech, video and lessons and no one gets better! The average handicap has moved form 15.8 to 15.2 in 15 years and with perfect balls too. What a joke. Look at the senior tour. Same old names. Yuo dont see some one handicapper retire at 40, work his ass off and make the senior circuit.

  • steve perry

    steve perry

     7 days ago

    i did like the instruction but the girl was a big distraction, awesome chick.

  • Khurshid Mughal

    Khurshid Mughal

     7 days ago +1


  • hoseman18


     7 days ago

    "The pressure in the golf swing comes down to feeeeling it in the middle of the cuticle of the left pinkie, with just a touch of right-jaw twitch at 1 milisecond before striking the ball..."

  • Chin Pan See

    Chin Pan See

     14 days ago

    Fuck me, the size of her bottom body.

  • drewster85


     14 days ago

    Can anyone send me good mental institutions to treat me after this video?

  • Justin Eller

    Justin Eller

     14 days ago +4

    I was just focused on Blair the whole time...🤤🤤🤤

  • YukonJ


     14 days ago +2

    One day she will shank one and hit Martin right in the nuts.

  • DeathBySlushPuppy


     14 days ago

    Guy in red is an ignorant creep and an idiot. You can see the guy in blue getting fed up with him lol.

  • Thomas Fraser

    Thomas Fraser

     14 days ago

    Everyone might want to put a club in hand and try a 'twirl waggle as Martin Hull did solely with his hands and wrist on the end of this video. Twirling the club head counterclockwise in a circular fashion in front of you as Jack Nicklaus did and then swinging the club back a forth at the bottom of your arc just before you swing; works wonders! Jack did this to assume the proper grip pressure for himself; to loosen up his forearms; and to feel the weight of his club head. Try the twirl waggle as Jack once recommended a friend to do years ago and you will love it. Cheers

  • Ryan Turley

    Ryan Turley

     14 days ago

    The thing is all these people have unlimited amount of instruction

  • Brad Smith

    Brad Smith

     14 days ago +3

    Blair O'Neal: Long blode hair, blue eyes, sensational figure, amazing's a shame she's not more attractive.

  • Brad Smith

    Brad Smith

     14 days ago +2

    I agrre with MrBleedk. Martin Hall clearly loves the sound of his own voice. He should shut the hell up, or better yet, bugger off.
    Point 2. The instructors alway assume we all have full functional perfect range of motion. A huge perecentage of average golfers don't. We work at desks or on the tools etc and our body's have adapted.

  • Thomas Fraser

    Thomas Fraser

     14 days ago

    Bottom line: Right elbow needs to be activated throughout the swing. Right elbow lead on the downswing as right hand follows.

  • wreckim


     21 days ago

    I played with two short Tex-mex guys (from Texas), who happened to be hockey players--I have no idea how I can even explain this--but they totally kicked my butt at my home course in Ventura. One of them hit his hybrid as long as my driver--about 250yds--and they both shot around par. Their entire technique is that golf is just like hockey, whatever that means. I'm pretty sure the instruction here is solid--in fact I liked it, it's just a matter of trusting it and having it 'fit' with your own talent IMO. That doesn't often happen though.