Arena World Championship | APAC Player Profile

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 20, 2018
  • Follow to be notified when we go live! The 2018 AWC APAC Finals begins this weekend! Tune in to see the best players from Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Korea clash to determine which team will qualify for the Arena World Championship Finals at BlizzCon! We caught up with the teams competing to learn more about where they came from, who they are, and what motivates them as a player and person. For the latest updates visit:
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  • EnzoCroft

     10 months ago

    dang he was 10 when he started playing WoW.... In Cataclysm... whelp I feel old lol

  • World Gaming

     10 months ago

    Same here lol brhuuuuuuuu

  • Skirdus

     10 months ago

    "who watches the arena world championship at 3 in the morning?"*_"OH BOY 3 AM"_*

  • David Hollings

     10 months ago

    6PM Pacific!

  • Rainswept Flower

     10 months ago

    dude's mom got him into WoW ♥ >=3

  • Stacey's Stash

     10 months ago

    Kind of hoping a team that isn't well known wins it all :)

  • Gregory Strall Marshall Winchester

     10 months ago

    For The Horde

  • Data Collaborate

     8 months ago

    Well, i know how Classic was....But still..FOR THE HORDE!

  • 蕭寗寗

     10 months ago

    台灣加油! 祐祐 老同學你最棒了💪💪💪

  • FroooChiiin Gaming

     10 months ago

    me playing and still today more fucos on PVE but hit #20 in cata in pvt server

  • Chris Tunnicliffe

     10 months ago

    Some love for Fingal Bay :)

  • CrazyCrezarak Arak

     10 months ago

    I was 5 when I started playing world of Warcraft