Video Surfaces of Trump Partying with Jeffrey Epstein | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • After footage emerges of Donald Trump partying with alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in 1992, Michael Kosta analyzes how bad this could be for the president.

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  • Tony Harris

    Tony Harris

     6 days ago

    Melania met Trump at Jeff Epstein's club which was owned by Ghislean Maxwell. You can see G Maxwell in the background at the party and in the picture you can see her standing next to Melania looking like a $2 hoe.

  • Tiffany Noel

    Tiffany Noel

     14 days ago


  • god concious

    god concious

     14 days ago

    where are the MORALIST REPUBLICANS when we need them... oops they are HYPOCRITES, yeah thats why they ignore the eyes wide shut truth!

  • dave bass

    dave bass

     14 days ago

    Where are the pictures and videos of Bill Clinton hanging out with Epstien? He was on the Lolita Express over 25 times.Gotta show that too ya mook.

  • skipstah70


     21 days ago

    Fukk off Noah. If you want to go fishing with Epstein, ya gotta talk about 'Ol Billy Clinton first.

  • MileHighCatMom


     21 days ago

    Where is the video interview of Trump calling Republicans dumb? The one where he said he woukd run as a Republican, they believe all the lies on Fox news and his numbe would be terrific???!!!

  • mh r

    mh r

     21 days ago

    He knew how to collect women vote.

  • Thomas Tamir

    Thomas Tamir

     28 days ago

    Poor babies. Are the only parties you get invited to are an inner circle of men. 15 years ago. You hate mongers stop at nothing do you? No life but hate. Nothing to live for but look for dirt.

  • Phyllis Westbury

    Phyllis Westbury

     28 days ago

    Stretching for a story and yet no mention of Clinton and his 27 times on Lolita plane Hmm a little bias is clear!!

  • ziggityfriggity


     1 months ago

    Rhythm.. you can feel it people feel it, rhythm. Rhythm is a dancer

  • Ed Rivera

    Ed Rivera

     1 months ago

    that girl that came out and said that Trump raped her when she was 13 years old at Epstein's house and they swept it under the carpet and nothing ever became of itso I wonder when he's calling people rapist is he talking to the man in the mirror or who is he talking to?

  • Lorei Lazuli

    Lorei Lazuli

     1 months ago

    Trump hired Alex Acosta, the prosecutor who gave Epstein a light sentence instead of life in prison. He covered up the names of the other criminals in the ring. He tried to gut the offices that deal with human trafficking while Labor Secretary. Literally tens of thousands of people better qualified than Acosta. Trump wanted Acosta to be AG. Current AG Barr's father gave Epstein his first job teaching middle school girls. Trump has a long friendly history with Epstein and two women have claimed that Trump and Epstein raped them when they were children. Many are commenting about the Clintons and while he was logged in on Epstein's plane 26 times and recieved donations from him, Bill has not thus far been accused of pedophilia or rape in this case. He has a history of predatory behavior and is also closely linked to convicted human traffickers Laura Silsby Gaylor and Jorge Puello.

  • COKE


     1 months ago

    Flight log with Bill Clinton's 26 trips to pedo island surfaces. ur fake news

  • Jaison J

    Jaison J

     1 months ago

    All roads leads to Rome..go learn some history..

  • pam lorenz

    pam lorenz

     1 months ago

    Nothing on Trump here. Clinton is the person of interest .

  • Kris Radke

    Kris Radke

     1 months ago

    Hey Trevor you forgot that Clinton flew 26 times to Pedo island and Trump made zero. Also this was a Trump party not a pedo island party bash. Also those women weren’t children. Fuck of you unfunny fuck.

  • Mr Me

    Mr Me

     1 months ago

    OK so you're not gonna mention Clinton once? Even ONCE? OK.

  • Izzy G

    Izzy G

     1 months ago

    Noah the bitch of the system sing the same song of all mainstream media
    Btw epstein isnt dead He is certainly exfiltrated and live peacefully in Israel
    A journalist is or a bitch or workless
    Go go trevor keep sucking jewish cocks

  • David Orelj

    David Orelj

     1 months ago

    What a geek. Those eyebrows and pathetic dancing skills.

  • Welile Fakudze

    Welile Fakudze

     1 months ago

    hahahahahaha you never going to heaven shame, dead by laughter