The Quest To Get Leroy Back in the SEVENS! Did Not Want to Post This...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 9, 2019
  • People have been having their doubts about Leroy, it's time we show them what he's made of!
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  • V3 Cj

    V3 Cj

     a months ago

    Cleetus for president!

  • Dan Mulligan

    Dan Mulligan

     4 months ago

    has anybody ever noticed the mountain dew bottle between the seats when he's racing? vacuum much? lmao

  • Zokwanda Mayise

    Zokwanda Mayise

     4 months ago

    Shute takes a while to blossom, might wanna go for smaller dual shutes to help. I was scared for you watching that first pass bro. Drove it though!!!

  • rodrigo garnica

    rodrigo garnica

     4 months ago


  • Adam Langdon

    Adam Langdon

     4 months ago

    Your losing a lot during shifting, trans issues...

  • Jaime Martinez

    Jaime Martinez

     4 months ago

    Can't u g coil on plug

  • Michael Nichols

    Michael Nichols

     4 months ago

    Insert explicitive here > ( ) happens

  • Vortex Rage

    Vortex Rage

     4 months ago

    There's an old saying- When it's good, it's fun. When it's bad, it's funny. These are typically a Cleetus video. OTOH, this one shows the real effort and struggle at times. I'm sure they'll engineer around the problems (and others they find) and have Leroy back in in the glory once more quite soon. I'm going to enjoy all of the project cars and watch it all play out, fun or funny.

  • FTW 12oclocktime

    FTW 12oclocktime

     4 months ago

    Not doing too bad these days a mate, almost a net worth of a million dollars. Just from people watching you build cars with the money from their views and merchandise , that they'll never be able to afford. Seems to be very humble but not once have I seen him give anything away not even merchandise. I once was a fan but I see where this is going.
    I give it till the end of the year until Cletus is on the Motor Trend Channel selling episodes.

  • Denzel Bishop

    Denzel Bishop

     4 months ago

    the sound of a v8 is intoxicating and i have headphones in

  • JD Sherman

    JD Sherman

     4 months ago +1

    Wouldn't it make sense to put a body or at least some aero parts on Leroy to go faster? Or are we trying to go fast with one hand tied behind out backs?

  • Canuck


     4 months ago


  • Christan Hartley

    Christan Hartley

     4 months ago

    I’d like to see Leroy get back in his groove and take down the ids car and the minion mustang, I know he can do it.

  • Detroit101


     5 months ago

    Lmao i cried when he said hes on the same spark plugs from rocky mountain race week

  • Faf Dus

    Faf Dus

     5 months ago

    We do nothing but continuously rebuild this m********** Ls

  • Jack Buys

    Jack Buys

     5 months ago +3

    "The Quest To Get Leroy Back in the SEVENS!" I thought you meant 7 seconds, not seven cylinders...

  • Bif McGuffin

    Bif McGuffin

     5 months ago

    I'm from TX, was in Colorado last week. I was wearing the Holley golden tuning shirt, met a guy wearing the bardle skeet's crazy to me how popular (and how fast) this channel has gotten

  • Aoi Standalone

    Aoi Standalone

     5 months ago

    Not enough easy going Coop these days. Need more Coop just doing his thing.

  • J Pogera

    J Pogera

     5 months ago

    put some insulators over the plug wires

  • The StangTruck17

    The StangTruck17

     5 months ago

    Still one of the nastiest cams I've heard in an LS lol