Mom Goes Viral for Filming Kid's Hairy Incident

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
  • Real fam, how would you react if your kids did this?
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  • Geminilove 69

    Geminilove 69

     5 hours ago

    I'm not letting them go out for 3 months untill their hair grew back

  • Enda Salihu

    Enda Salihu

     2 days ago +1

    Aiden is such a pretty kid like when he grows up damn frrr

  • Karrina Reid

    Karrina Reid

     3 days ago

    I’ve hated my hair since I was a little toddler I remember my mom telling me I shaved half of my head and she came home from work and fired the babysitter who was sleeping on the couch

  • Charity Emehill Bartels

    Charity Emehill Bartels

     5 days ago

    that's soo my daughter. i remember my then five year old daughter who shaved off my dad's hair using a shaving stick. he thought she was just robing his hair with her fingers but not knowing she was actually shaving his head bald. hahahahahaha dad went bald afterwards n it grew back. flashback right here. bless da mama heart. cute

  • MLB


     6 days ago +2

    When that lil girl turned around, I lost it 💀😭💀

  • Nick Potter

    Nick Potter

     14 days ago

    “Ooooh you had the Donald Trump”🤣

  • Loo Koo

    Loo Koo

     1 months ago

    Tam is so fucking beautiful in here

  • AmolaB


     1 months ago

    Donald Trump 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melissa Berg

    Melissa Berg

     1 months ago

    Kids are psychotic 😂

  • Amanda Diaz

    Amanda Diaz

     1 months ago

    Girl I've been there lol I cut my bangs off because my best friend at the time had pretty bangs. Mind you we were maybe 6 or 7 and she had dead straight strawberry blonde hair and i had my dark 3c hair. Let's just say it didn't go the way I planned 😊

  • Freya Tandon

    Freya Tandon

     2 months ago

    Tamera outfit is everything 🤩

  • Damara Soto

    Damara Soto

     2 months ago

    I was three when something similar happened to me. My mom was getting her hair done, and my sister (who was five) and I were waiting on her to be done. And my sister turns to me and asks if I wanna play hairdresser and I said yes. We would do this sometimes and because we almost always had our hair in braids it usually just meant her pulling my hair into elaborate ponytails or big braids, elaborate for a kid that is. And she got behind me, and to this day I don’t know where she got them, but all I heard was a snip from behind me. I turned around and she was holding the end of my braid (about an inch) in her hand. And because I was three, I was pretty chill and my cute self walked over to my mom to show her what my sister did like it was show and tell or some ish. When I tell you my sister nearly died that day, in front of witnesses too! She didn’t even blame me tho so that was cool.

  • Sweetandfragile


     2 months ago

    Thought she was boricua

  • L Ol

    L Ol

     2 months ago +2

    Clippers just seem so dangerous to leave around imagine if they took it near their eyeballs. Not judging the mom bc things happen but I personally wouldn’t leave it anywhere like that.

  • Miss Thiquee

    Miss Thiquee

     2 months ago

    I did that once and my mum whooped my ass

  • Simone Carnemolla

    Simone Carnemolla

     2 months ago

    ma mama would have KILLED me with that hair clipper

  • Gloria Alorwoyie

    Gloria Alorwoyie

     2 months ago

    I did the same thing but with scissors!! When I was a little girl!!!

  • Derek A. B.

    Derek A. B.

     3 months ago +1

    I have realllllly long eyelashes for a boy and all the women use to say to me " omg I want to cut your eyelashes and glue them to mine " when I was 7 I cut all of my lashes off along with my eyebrows !!!! My mom was like " the fuc& is wrong with you're face" ..... When she realized what I had done. She got up and grabbed her keys and just left the house for about an hour ☺😂😂😂☺ she didnt yell or anything. Still talks about it till this day and I'm 32!

  • Denishea Bates

    Denishea Bates

     3 months ago +1

    Oh my god

  • Lauren J

    Lauren J

     3 months ago

    That lady handled it really well, some parents would resort to spanking, but this lady is truly a good mom