15 Items Every Prepper Should Hoard

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 26, 2019
  • In today's video, Sootch goes over his top 15 things that all preppers should have on hand - and maybe even hoard.

    1. Toilet paper
    2. Duct tape
    3. Lighters
    4. Batteries
    5. Flashlights
    6. Candles
    7. Bleach
    8. Plastic bags
    9. Tarps
    10. Socks
    11. Salt
    12. Heirloom seeds
    13. Propane
    14. Lantern, lamp wicks and lamp oil
    15. Cordage

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/WkjwpL8LOgI


  • Just Because

    Just Because

     18 hours ago

    Salt with Iodine has an expiration date, without it there is no expiration on a rock that is about 300,000,000 years old...

  • XGrand ChampX

    XGrand ChampX

     20 hours ago

    When it comes to batteries i prefer to have all my lights using the exact same batteries. I hate stocking 5 types of batteries for 10 different lights and watch half of the batteries deplete over time.

    I Roll with AA lights as those batteries are easy to come by and cheap to store for shtf.
    For more serious lights i got USB rechargable lights for every day use.

  • schreckpmc



    Oh god, not this asshole...instant click regret

  • Norm Johnson

    Norm Johnson


    How about some fishing gear? Another way to feed yourself when there is no food.

  • Bullet Jones

    Bullet Jones

     2 days ago


  • Andrea Wimer

    Andrea Wimer

     3 days ago

    Vitamins. Keep you healthy if your eating can food. Also grow garlic for its medicinal purpose.unfiltered coconut oil is antifungal, antibacterial and medicinal.

  • Rebecca Bryan

    Rebecca Bryan

     3 days ago

    Old pill bottles can hold matches you can glue small stip sand paper to strike it

  • lodaox


     4 days ago

    Alcohol, such as whiskey etc.. for disinfecting and bartering. Cigarettes for bartering as well.

  • lodaox


     4 days ago

    Sanitary napkins (pads for women) are a good idea to have on hand. First, for the obvious reasons but also good for cleaning and use on wounds if bleeding. Tampons are good for nosebleeds as well.

  • lodaox


     4 days ago

    I have a berkey as well and LOVE it! I also bought my son and daughter in law one. Many people say they are too expensive...but they pay for themselves really quick and you don’t have to have all of the plastic waste. You can filter dirty water through it and have safe water when you can’t boil it. I really like your video and the pertinent info that’s a must.

  • Roger Yow

    Roger Yow

     4 days ago

    I have been asked, what is the number one survival tool? My answer, static air filters coupled with mesh filters. You may go weeks without food. But, toxic air can kill in minutes. Nuclear particles like plutonium mox particles, bacteria and viruses, chemical fumes, dust storms, volcanic ash and sulfur particles, etcetera, are concerns that SHTF events static air filters may be more life saving than a years supply of food. Whether you are bugging out or shelter in place, your filtration systems could be compatible with your 12v systems setups. Search for your needs as this may be the last time anyone may tell you, toxic air can kill in minutes.

  • MG B

    MG B

     5 days ago

    hahaha idiots

  • Y V

    Y V

     5 days ago

    Lots of good ideas. This is to prep for emergencies, not a camping trip for a weekend. You want stuff that has a long shelf life, doesnt take much space and can be reused. Idk if it was mentioned but solar panels, ham radios, tablet filled with ebooks for survival/medical/entertainment, water filtration device (life straw), tactical knives/tools/bow n arrow/crossbow/ropes, precious metal for barter

  • Ming Mongo

    Ming Mongo

     5 days ago

    Why would you buy grocery store toilet paper, when you can get large industrial rolls that store better and cost less in bulk? Similar question on other items?

  • Sixgun Miller

    Sixgun Miller

     5 days ago

    Bailing wire

  • timothy longmore

    timothy longmore

     5 days ago

    TP ? Really that's # 1 . You must have a house full of girls lol. Rechargables w/ solar charger. Who's got money for $500 worth of batteries sitting around. Prepping advise ,I know is based on what you can afford but man most people can't afford prepping this way. I do like your video and appreciate the work you put into it and agree with most of your list. I think people should not start prepping to cover every possible thing that could come along but start with the stuff you listed ( in reasonable ammounts for their budget) and some necessities like the obvious , food , water , shelter , heat ( or cooling) like for common emergencies storms , floods , wildfires etc and add to their preps in sensible ways , as needed.

  • Nino Brown

    Nino Brown

     6 days ago

    Not sure I want to sit around waiting for society to rebuild. Nor do I want to sit up all night armed guard style protecting my toilet paper. I need a gun ,one bullet, one ribeye steak baked potatoes, broccoli, apple pie, drugs and a syringe. Going out with a bang. Fuck all this. Smh

  • M Lou

    M Lou

     6 days ago

    8:38 Get Sea Salt....not the regular crap !!!

  • denise starr

    denise starr

     7 days ago

    That picture is crazy.yall probly won't survive.

  • Karen Daniels

    Karen Daniels

     7 days ago

    Stock charcoal