How to Survive In a Sinking Car

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 15, 2018
  • To escape from a sinking car, you need to be sure you know what to do in advance. Extreme and life-threatening situations give us little or no time to think how to react. Only following certain secret tips will help you save your life and survive at this time. There are some very important steps to be taken in this unfortunate situation.
    You have to remember every second counts as you’ll only have about a minute to do what you should before the car sinks completely underwater. Memorize the sequence: “unfasten the seat belt, lower the window, climb out of the car”. Once you’ve gotten your kids out, leave the car yourself.
    If there’s no way to get out through the window, wait until the car fills completely with water, and then open the door. The rising air bubbles will lead you to the surface.

    Two important steps to take 0:24
    Every second counts 0:46
    A sequence to memorize 1:01
    If you can't roll down the window, break it 1:32
    Take care of the kids 2:17
    Escape through the door 2:56
    Air bubbles will lead you to safety 3:37
    Revise the 2-step survival plan 4:00

    -Unfasten your seatbelt and roll down the window as fast as you can.
    -Do not waste your time trying to open the door.
    -Use a special tool or some heavy object with a pointed tip to break the window if you can’t roll it down.
    -Push the kids out of the car first and only than leave it yourself.
    -After some time, you’ll be able to open the door if there’s no way to get out through the window.
    -Follow the rising air bubbles to the surface.
    -Unfasten your seat belt, roll down or break the window, and get out as quickly as you can.

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     a years ago +174

    Hey there! Do people in your countries mostly obey the traffic rules?

  • Beverlyne Kavaya

    Beverlyne Kavaya

     7 hours ago

    Kenya 🇰🇪 ferry should advertise this daily

  • Asa Meena

    Asa Meena

     9 hours ago

    What about the cars with sun roof?

  • Hey Shee

    Hey Shee

     22 hours ago +2

    This happened in Kenya mother and daughter died while they hugged each other 😒

  • Kinuthia



    Kenyans have landed here proper

  • Matthew Mcgarry

    Matthew Mcgarry

     2 days ago +1

    No dont wait till the car is fully submerged even then you need to wait for the car to stop moving meaning it needs to hit the bottom open the door as soon and you hit the water

  • Safia Mohammed

    Safia Mohammed

     2 days ago

    This wonderful knowledge I never knew what to do in such situations and I will try to remember this the rest of my life

  • Issa Lwena

    Issa Lwena

     2 days ago

    Hey Guy your head rest may be used to break the the window glass in case you don't know. Also the the car window glass is made in such a way it is easier to be broken from inside.

  • kamila love

    kamila love

     3 days ago +23

    who is watching this after the ferry incident ? rip mariam and daughter Amanda

  • Charles Ingvar

    Charles Ingvar

     4 days ago

    panicking just watching this

  • Anjaani gal

    Anjaani gal

     4 days ago

    Well what if you don know to

  • Amina sarah

    Amina sarah

     4 days ago

    What about if I don't know to swim 😢

  • Kevin Otieno

    Kevin Otieno

     6 days ago +1

    what if the car falls down in a very very deep ocean of about 57m depth????

  • PlasmaPlayz


     6 days ago +2

    Why I clicked this video:
    Every time I cross a bridge I think its falling behind me and I think the car isn’t fast enough so it falls in the water under the bridge
    (Lots of bridges here in Florida like if ur watching in Florida)

  • Vivian Wanini

    Vivian Wanini

     7 days ago +2

    And if you don't know how to swim? Oh my God help me 🙏 Rip Mariam and your little Angel 😭

  • Stanslaus Barasa

    Stanslaus Barasa

     7 days ago +3

    at first, I thought you posted this because of the incident that happened recently here in Kenya, Likoni,. thanks for the information

  • sales topstar

    sales topstar

     7 days ago

    what if theres a baby onboard fastened to its seat

  • Ric ignatius Jamorabon

    Ric ignatius Jamorabon

     7 days ago

    The tsumai

  • YT Famous

    YT Famous

     7 days ago

    smh this is ridiculous and if anyone doesn't know how to swim

  • bunny cakez

    bunny cakez

     7 days ago

    My uncle said if you have a sunroof let hte water build up and push you out