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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 16, 2017
  • TOP 16 AMAZING GOT TALENT AUDITIONS WORLDWIDE, Best Ever First Class Acts AGT - BGT 2017, America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent plus several other countries top got talent acts including Germany Georgia Got Talent Mongolia Australia's Got Talent Russia and Incredible US UK Got Talents, the best Global worldwide performances include amazing people singing, stunning light shows, fantastic magic tricks, incredible dancing, Funny Comedians, Ventriloquists, impressionists, classical opera and pop music singers, Puppeteers plus Skillful Acrobatics to name just some, all copyrights to Fremantlemedia and Simon Cowell Syco no copyright infringement intended, made this wonderful talented people Got Talent Compilation especially for great family entertainment, many of the first class acts in this talents video are from 2017 but a couple are hot 2016 and it contains some very Special and Extremely Touching Golden Buzzer moments, especially the deaf girl cuz when i watched her beautiful performance it nearly made me cry and i loved the little girl singing with her cute animal like puppet, i hope you enjoy this video my friends and if you do please like and share it for me and hoped subscribe to my YouTube channel too, please checkout my top 10 got talent channel out cuz i have some brilliant mike rayner videos and some of them are The X Factor The Voice and Got Talent montage Videos all in High Quality HD and good for kids and adults #gottalent my Youtube channel link AGT BGT
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     10 hours ago

    I have never seen anything like this, it's original and amazingly funny!

  • Silver Flyer

     2 months ago

    Did her feet really make this bro

  • SelimTheWierdo

     1 months ago

    That was just amazing...

  • kizpaws

     27 days ago

    Awesome collection of the finest moments in television.  Thanks so much for putting this together.My favorite was Mandy -- she is an inspiration to us all.  Lovely, gifted, sweet girl.

  • mike rayner videos

     27 days ago

    thank you so so much Kizpaws 🐱 💖 💐

  • GirlPoi03

     19 days ago

    I love the performance by “Tape Face”. It was so unique and brilliant. I also love the songs that he set as part of his amazing 😉 performance. 🥰👏👏🥰👏👏🥰

  • GirlPoi03

     19 days ago

    👏🥰👏 Kyle Tomlinson did a fantastic performance singing “Hallelujah”. 👏🥰👏

  • Pauline Smith



  • GirlPoi03

     19 days ago

    The last contestant, Jess Robinson did a fantastic funny performance. That was super awesome. 🌺👏👏🥰👏👏🥰🌺

  • Carlos DeNevier

     18 days ago

    31:55 >>> "you girls are not ... human"as they entered the scene ... i was very suprised no one welcome them to earth - instead to the show. this really was my first impression: they must be from somewhere else.

  • Śęñpåìkîttÿ

     2 months ago

    Hey janitor It okayU just have to clean up a lot of golden confetti.....

  • Zeet Gaming

     15 days ago

    4 girls 👍👍👍❤❤I think its must golden buzer