The Upside - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • Based on a true story, we have a dramedy about a rich paraplegic, and his very under qualified caretaker. Here's my review of THE UPSIDE! #TheUpside
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  • Fab

     5 months ago

    The Intouchables is and will always be the better version.

  • Darth Magnusei

     16 days ago

    @Annika K. It's not always just subtitles or they are too lazy, people like familiar faces and that is what sells, no reason to hate on people just because its not your way of enjoying cinema.

  • Chamelionian

     5 months ago

    Please do a review of the original movie. Pretty please?

  • fovea fovea

     5 months ago

    he doesnt read subtitles

  • Average Joe

     5 months ago

    Its a foreign film. Doubt it

  • Justin Y.

     5 months ago

    I bet the sequel will be called The Downside.

  • CoolFun 11

     3 months ago

    Or maybe The Touchables 😂 (The Intouchables)

  • Ren D

     4 months ago

    I don’t understand how I keep seeing you every where!

  • Nick Vendel

     5 months ago

    Why though? The Intouchables is SO GOOD, there's nothing to add to it. I guessing, it's just money grab.

  • Peter Brown Jr

     5 months ago

    @nick vendel The upside is pretty damn good if u buy into their friendship. Plus the acting was so good .. stop hating on a B movie man

  • bishop51807

     5 months ago

    @Fly Beep Ever seen The Wizard of Oz? Based on a book movies have been around for a while now. Or look at James Bond or a Star is Born which were remade, rebooted, and or sequeled for over 40yrs.

  • MrRapolas

     5 months ago

    Watch the original please :>

  • WH250398

     3 months ago

    @TheBanana Man You're seriously missing out.

  • TheBanana Man

     3 months ago

    I'm good, rather watch something with Cranston in it

  • Denislav Dankin

     5 months ago

    The original is: 1. a masterpiece; 2. not old. Only reason to remake it is for money.

  • Ghost Shadow

     2 months ago

    I always watch movies in there OG language with subtitles, if I don’t speak the language .....Jesus I’m watching Animes since 15 years ;)) always in OG dub

  • axemexa1

     5 months ago

    Just don't watch the new one

  • Vida András

     5 months ago

    Maybe it's a good movie, but the "Intouchables" from 2012 (7 years ago) was the exact same script, and fantastically acted movie. Was this new one that necessary?

  • Lilou Pumpkin

     3 months ago

    @Escalathor _ Wow t'es vraiment motivé pour avoir essayé de faire comprendre quelque chose à l'autre gars là.. bravo !

  • Scott Kursch

     5 months ago

    @Daegon As this is a public forum, I've read through this whole thread. So uh, not to take sides, but well... I contest some of the arguments *against* you. A) I'm over 40 years old and still use the term "butthurt". In the YouTube commentary world, it so often applies. B) Getting offended is ultimately, a choice. We do possess the power to not allow ourselves to be offended or refrain from reacting. Some things may be worth getting upset about, but some (movie remakes) don't make a ton of s...

  • Mr. Ditkovich

     5 months ago

    Screw getting ready for school.. Jeremy just uploaded.

  • Dislike my video challenge

     5 months ago

    Dam didn't know you go to school. Thought you still live with your daughter asking Peter for his rent

  • Sean Forrest

     5 months ago


  • Uriel

     5 months ago

    Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart is kind of a weird pairing but it just works.

  • Vilmy21

     5 months ago

    Who are these people they're nobodies to me

  • Obsidian Moon

     5 months ago

    @Lester Sánchez No. They're trying to be more than just typecasts.

  • Evan Carr

     5 months ago

    Jeremy you should treat yourself and watch The Intouchables. It's incredible

  • IuliusPsicofactum

     4 months ago