Protests at Hong Kong’s Airport & A Terrifying Open-Carry “Prank” | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 15, 2019
  • Protesters in Hong Kong swarm the airport, and a heavily armed man terrifies people at a Missouri Walmart.

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  • Martin Pierce

    Martin Pierce

     7 days ago

    Those Hong kongers are fighting for their rights and freedom you IDIOT!
    The Chinese police have been violently supressing them. Of course they will respond with violence too!

    Well what do I expect from commie loving cunts?
    Check your American priviledge MORON!!

  • Rendered Rex

    Rendered Rex

     7 days ago


  • Farty McGee

    Farty McGee

     7 days ago

    If he was black or mexican or Muslim or, welllll, just not obviously and firmly white, he would be dead. Bottom line.

  • Akiru's Lab

    Akiru's Lab

     14 days ago

    When you don't have the privilege to carry anything resembling a gun:

  • Fiza Aga

    Fiza Aga

     14 days ago

    Indian government has blocked internet and telephones of the Kashmiri people and taken their land by removing the special status of the Kashmiri people. Kashmir is the only Muslim majority state in India and now people there are suffering by communication blackout done by India

  • Casrena Su

    Casrena Su

     14 days ago

    〔Hong Kong police use tear gas〕
    Western media:Omg Look what these demons are doing!
    〔US police use tear gas〕
    American media:Isn't that a normal thing?〔I think it would be better to use a m4a1〕

  • Emma Coleman

    Emma Coleman

     14 days ago

    Keepin it real Trev.

  • zeppo shemp

    zeppo shemp

     14 days ago

    now tell us how Aboriginal Australian women are ugly Trevor 😍

  • TheFourthWinchester


     21 days ago

    Its not a Chinese protest. Its a Hong Kong protest. Stop referring to China occupied countries like Tibet, Hong Kong and China Occupied Places as Chinese.

  • Fire0warrior 182

    Fire0warrior 182

     21 days ago

    There is a boundary from protect to privilege

  • Zeyi W

    Zeyi W

     28 days ago

    this is the Mr. critical thinking hosting😄

  • Dr Richard M

    Dr Richard M

     28 days ago

    I think there're many people in the USA that think they are living in the 800s or in the western cowboys era, smh I do acknowledge that we must respect the second amendment of our constitution and our nation, but we also need better gun law, which I don't think it will ever happen, I think, that heavy weapons shouldn't be sold to any teenager or any person without going throughout a few months of psychology test and a very serious background check

  • MyAnupama14


     28 days ago

    Not a Chinese protest. Not yet.

  • Imperator Dei

    Imperator Dei

     28 days ago

    2:44 applies to damn near everything nowadays.

  • Npk Trust

    Npk Trust

     28 days ago

  • mom molette

    mom molette

     28 days ago

    That body armor is no comparison to protection of that white skin!

  • vivien Chiang

    vivien Chiang

     28 days ago

    and you didn't mention there is a cop pull out his gun and try to shoot in the hong kong airport

  • Religion LOL

    Religion LOL

     28 days ago

    You are dumb as fuck to believe in white privilege. You stupid fucks do understand slavery ended a long time ago right? None of you retards are victims.

  • Ex0dus111


     28 days ago

    Just want to point out that Republican lawmakers will take your guns away.
    At THEIR rallies.

    Trump doesn't allow anyone within shooting range of him to be armed, I mean, that would be crazy, it would put his life on the line.

    Your lives though. Less important.

  • Ventus 7thLight

    Ventus 7thLight

     28 days ago

    “He’s lucky to still be alive to be honest” you mean he’s lucky he was white.