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  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
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  • idk •

    idk •

     7 months ago +15581

    Girl omg look how far you’ve come.... you went from fighting with ur parents every day and being broke af almost wanting to end ur life working at Pacsun to THIS beautiful house and you probably never expected it

  • audrey smith

    audrey smith

     7 months ago +2211

    tree touches tana
    tana: see this is why i don’t come up here

  • Lamija Hreljic

    Lamija Hreljic

     6 months ago +2463

    When she gets really into talking,she loses this "thot" character she has online and you can see she is actually quite smart and eloquent

  • Lulu Linkle

    Lulu Linkle

     3 months ago +708

    Can you make a "who lives in my house" tour introducing everyone pls😂😂

  • Peachy


     4 months ago +694

    I’d go insane if that many people were always at my own home

  • Shelby Aldridge

    Shelby Aldridge

     3 months ago +796

    Tana: "my hot hot boyfriend who should totally break up with me and date someone else"
    Me: ouch....

  • Gabby P

    Gabby P

     7 months ago +1938

    ....did she really just give us 4 videos in less than a week??? amazing.

  • MissLeo20


     6 months ago +942

    I'm not sure but I think she smokes weed? Idk i feel like maybe she's mentioned it a couple of times.

  • Genesis Delrio

    Genesis Delrio

     3 months ago +401

    This is kian and jc old house 💀

  • nat p

    nat p

     5 months ago +599

    no one:
    trevor: hi im the crackhead that used to live here ,,, but they kicked me out

  • Aoibheann


     2 months ago +293

    Anyone else here after kian and jc’s video? 😂

  • Lulu Rae Canaan

    Lulu Rae Canaan

     5 months ago +210

    Omg when she told the story abt David and Liza on the roof and the pebble I literally cried I want that 😭😭😭😭

  • Kimberly Sulki

    Kimberly Sulki

     3 months ago +208


  • someone somewhere

    someone somewhere

     1 months ago +62

    The fact you still freak over Jake's house when yours is gorgeous and massive???

  • IlianaBlue


     5 months ago +291

    tHiS iS a GoOd pLaCe fOr SmOkInG

  • Siren FPV

    Siren FPV

     7 months ago +1849

    Tana my father, Vietman Veteran has a HUGE Playboy collection that my mother and I want to help him find a good home for. It would be amazing if maybe you wanted to fill your wall..he has pallets of Playboys from the 60s, 70s, 80s, many. Let's make it happen and give my father piece of mind they would be living with someone who loves and appreciates them

  • Jazzy 2494

    Jazzy 2494

     3 months ago +125

    yo u should get a zipline from the 'jungle' to the swimming pool xxx

  • M. M. Bullard

    M. M. Bullard

     7 months ago +120

    You don’t like nature but you bought this house with a beautiful garden that I’d kill for.....

  • Carissa Jane

    Carissa Jane

     6 months ago +321

    " I don't like nature". So lame. How could you not tho? 🌲🌳🌴🌱🌿🍀☘️🌵🍃🎍🌾🌼🍁🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Mattyy Ice

    Mattyy Ice

     4 months ago +139

    Does anyone else think an updated house tour would be amazing???