Top 10 Weirdest Abilities in WoWs History

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 23, 2018
  • More like, top 10 unique spells that I kinda liked

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    --The list--
    10-Shadow Word Insanity
    9-Tallstrider pet from vanilla who ran slower than walking speed - Mazzranache
    7-Spell/Fire stones
    6-Sentry totem
    5-Amplify/Dampen Magic
    4-Shadow of Death
    3-Mind Soothe
    2-Divine intervention
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  • Nexvox YT

    Nexvox YT

     4 days ago

    Most of these were just really fun!

  • Adam Armstrong

    Adam Armstrong

     7 days ago

    distract can be used out of stealth

  • Zygy __

    Zygy __

     14 days ago

    I freaking love distract

  • thatpoppunkkid


     21 days ago

    Played a DK in early wrath and one thing you didn’t mention about the zombie perk thing is that if you died close enough to the beginning of an instance and zoned out as a zombie you’d be back to life after you loaded out

  • Thomas


     21 days ago

    shadow word: insanity.

    if you deal the 6 second damage and then immediately reapply the dot and let it run for another 6 seconds you have done more damage in the same timespan than you would've done if you just let the dot run, how hard is that to understand?



     28 days ago

    "Blizzard is Lazy: The Documentary"

  • hizzouse kakashi

    hizzouse kakashi

     a months ago

    3:55 WRONG! It does NOT require stealth, it simply does not BREAK stealth, you can distract at any time.

  • Robert Eckman

    Robert Eckman

     a months ago

    Sentry totem was one of the reasons Horde would win Arathi Basin. Yes, a lot of us did queue as a group and knew how to work together, so "they're always winning because premades" wasn't entirely false, but dropping a totem hidden in a bush or behind a log, etc would allow us to know where you're going and we could plan accordingly and have enough people waiting for you when you got there. 2 shaman dropping totems gave us a clear view of everywhere you could be going.

  • Luculencia


     a months ago

    You forgot eyes of the beast, hunter spell that let a hunter directly control their pet and see through its eyes while the hunter channeled the spell. It was basically just a fun spell, although it had a couple of uses -

    1) to position the pet; There was no click and move ability to move pet around back then, pet would either follow you or stay depending on what you selected, and the only way to position it was to use Eyes of the Beast or walk to a spot and then select stay. EotB could be used to jump the pet off ledges etc in dungeons when the hunter was about to jump down (rather than pet running all the way around and aggro-ing everything after hunter jumps).

    2) it could be used to scout and spy in bgs much like the sentry totem of shamans except that the hunter pet was mobile and hunter could use all the pet abilities. I remember using stealthed cat to prowl around enemy base while my hunter was on the other side of the map in WSG (most cats had a super fast run speed so could dash across the map, dip into stealth, and prowl around before the spell duration timed out). I would use EotB to try to find the flag carrier and how many guards he had, and report to my side so they could go in prepared.

    Unfortunately it was removed in wrath or cata (I forget which). This was the most cruel and keenly felt ability removal for me as a hunter, mostly because it was quite an amusing spell to use in raids etc while waiting for tactics or people doing the res run to get back to the boss room :P

  • Arnold Galinato

    Arnold Galinato

     a months ago

    I love your shaman bars

  • TheFoggedOne


     a months ago

    If memory serves me well, distract turned players around and made them actually stop until they release and press the current movement button again (or just press another one)

  • Lifefeast


     a months ago +1

    No one is going to mention the 26 Earthshock Icons on the bars ? at 8:57 ?

  • potaterjim


     a months ago +1

    I really miss shadow of death and risen ally. Why can't we have fun abilities like this that don't impact the endgame?

  • Corrupted


     a months ago

    1:40 dealing with that without timers or addons must have been hell lol

  • krable ja

    krable ja

     a months ago

    You also died as a death knight when dueling because of the ghoul ability.

  • Viconaut


     a months ago

    ALSO (@DIstract)

  • Germanperson


     a months ago +1

    I loves Symbiosis as a druid in arena. Cast it on a mage, gain ice block. People would focus you as a healer and when you got low you could just use ice block and watch them think "wtf is this shit".

    It was great.

  • Caylara BDK

    Caylara BDK

     a months ago

    This pruning killed retail version. I used to main DK since I started playing in WotLK, it's boring AF now in BFA. Now that classic launched, I made a rogue, and it's being very fun to play.

  • Ms Littles

    Ms Littles

     a months ago

    North of undead starting area you could tame a undead bear thats special abilty was sleep!

  • Shervin M.-

    Shervin M.-

     a months ago

    Re: warlock firestone.

    Initially during vanilla (for a very short period) any + elemental spell damage a class had also boosted the bonus elemental damage on their weapon. (there used to be separate stats of +fire dmg +shadow dmg aside from general spell dmg which would only increase the dmg of that element).

    So a mage with a sword that did 50melee dmg and say + 500 "fire" damage from stats would do about 550dmg per swing if they had a fire enchant on their weapon (and it could crit).

    This became a problem as mixing some mechanics made this too powerful. (Ahem firemage ignite+combustion)

    Once the mechanic was removed the spells made around it were not.

    Good times.