Top 10 Weirdest Abilities in WoWs History

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 23, 2018
  • More like, top 10 unique spells that I kinda liked--Social Media-- you can't get enough of my videos you can always check out my other channels as well -Yu-Gi-Oh - Battles (in WoW) - 10s - - Channel - to join the network I'm under? Its probably one of the best ones to join for a gaming channel - of the Video backgrounds in this video were made by "Amitai Angor AA VFX" list--10-Shadow Word Insanity9-Tallstrider pet from vanilla who ran slower than walking speed - Mazzranache8-Distract7-Spell/Fire stones6-Sentry totem 5-Amplify/Dampen Magic4-Shadow of Death3-Mind Soothe2-Divine intervention 1-Symbiosis
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  • Staff7

     1 years ago

    im still mad they took my totems

  • Det Nine

     2 months ago

    Blizz decided to make up for taking my totems by turning enhancement into the most easily killed class in the game. Thanks Obama.

  • SubduedRadical

     2 months ago

    I know, right? There was something cool to me about playing a Shaman leveling early on. Setting out my Totems near Murlock or Harpy areas was kind of like setting up a basecamp. I'd pull one over to my totems, take it down, rinse and repeat, have a sit to eat and drink, do it all over again, refreshing totems as needed.

  • Paddy Senpai

     9 months ago

    In my opinion abilities do not need to be used often at all. Having the option of something situational feels really good imo. Especially spells that are full of class flavor. Also I think that ability pruning in general is something really bad if it's just about an optional or situational spell or ability (that does not harm the experience somehow). If people don't wanna use it they will simply ignore it. If there is however someone that wants to use them, they can. If you remove the option to use it...

  • Zelks

     5 months ago

    Well put. It's just another thing that contributed to the removal of the 'RP' part of 'MMORPG' for WoW.

  • R3ggz

     6 months ago

    I agree, even though some of these spells were niche, deleting them only makes the classes less unique.

  • lexzbuddy

     1 years ago

    I remember playing the beta. During the first few days of the beta, when you died and ran back to your body there were undead in the mist. They would attack you and you could actual die, again, while you were dead, thus getting sent back to the graveyard. Hardly anyone remembers this as it was only the first couple of days of beta. It was enoying, not to mention bizarre. You want weird, that was weird.

  • Xekon Waldläufer

     3 months ago

    SinerAthin It originally was based on DnD after all

  • Cameron Butler

     5 months ago

    You can die of fatigue while dead

  • Obika

     11 months ago

    Oh my god when you talked about Mind Soothe it reminded me of something I did during WoW Vanilla !So I played druid, and I was part of the "BWL hibernation team" of my guild, we were a group of 3 druids that went to try and hibernate dragonkins in those huge packs after Vaelastrasz.And when you were talking about Mind Soothe you mentionned that a resisted spell counts as an aggression. And it was true for hibernate too ! Our hibernation team had to coordonate the hibernation so that if one ...

  • Driver Nephi

     6 months ago

    This kind of stuff is exactly what was so great about Vanilla. It was hard and it was chaotic, and you had to use whatever tools could prove necessary. Nowadays everyone knows what to do and they do it efficiently, and Blizzard makes everything clean, pragmatic and simple for us.

  • Floskel

     7 months ago

    You gave me goosebumps, you goofer!

  • Sklatscht

     9 months ago

    Divine Intervention was the coolest WoW-Ability. Ending your own Life to save someone else is the ultimate Sacrifice and you can't get any more Noble

  • Jeff C

     2 months ago

    ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​ This was the best reason to use it. Saves 2 people repair costs in a wipe

  • ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​

     3 months ago

    Nothing more noble than saving yourself some gold for repairs.

  • Daskec

     1 years ago

    Sentry totem?! More like Selfe totem hah...

  • L0stm4n

     a months ago

    @Mermeoth came here to say this. Tanaris to un'goro was way easier being able to jump down and use the totem.

  • iBasheveryone

     8 months ago

    Profile pic checks out

  • Dr.Giggles

     1 years ago

    What about that warlock spell that lets them see all the ghosts in the ruins of lordaeron

  • meistersam

     10 months ago

    it allowed you to see all invisble targets (not stealth those are 2 diffrent things in wow) like mages using invis (but the only real use i can remeber was back in BC in kara there was one room with ghosts where the buff alowed you to see and pull them)

  • Dark Matter Pancake

     1 years ago

    In MoP, there was an item that allowed any class to cast Symbiosis. Anyone remember it?

  • Evian x

     1 years ago

    yea the lilypad it gave u whatever move u would normally get from symb

  • David

     9 months ago

    ritual of doom. needed 4 players to click the ritual altar, one randomly dies and a doomguard was spawned. then the warlock had to enslave the doomguard which would randomly break out of enslave. it may be enslaved for a minute or five minutes. it just wasn't practical to use in virtually every situation. plus the doomguard itself wasn't THAT much more powerful than your normal pets to justify the massive inconvenience of using it.

  • Sovjetikos

     6 months ago

    @Switch72nd I would get people to help me summon the Doomguard and the ability would randomly decide kill me xD and if the summoner dies the no Doomguard is summoned :/ lollThat was so embarrassing -.- lmao

  • Sovjetikos

     6 months ago

    That is exactly what I was thinking all throughout the video! :PExcept that I played Warlock in WotLK and at that time they made it so that the Doomguard would start off already bound to you. :D

  • Vinn Regi

     11 months ago

    *Casting Symbiosis on a rogue*- Wow, thanks for the Evasion dude! :D- "Uhm, i got Growl...?"

  • LoL2945

     1 months ago

    Actually the rogue growl also buffed hp and gave a lot of bonus armor, handy vs melees or when playing old content with a dps druid friend

  • Thomas Conley

     1 months ago

    lol growl for rogues is shit what im gonna do evasion tank?