A Lobster Boat Hauled In This Monster Catch – And The Size Of Its Claws Left The Crew Shellshocked

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 6, 2019
  • When a Canadian fishing boat hauled a mammoth lobster out of the ocean, its crew would probably have suspected that they’d bagged a beast. It wasn’t until people saw the size of the animal’s claws, though, that they realized just how colossal the crustacean was.

    Shediac in New Brunswick, Canada, is reportedly known as “The Lobster Capital of the World.” The town is home to a thriving fishing industry and even hosts an annual lobster festival. And to cement the area’s connection to the crustaceans, Shediac boasts a 90-tonne sculpture of a lobster as well.

    However, Shediac isn’t the only town on the New Brunswick coastline that can lay claim to impressive lobster hauls. That’s because fishermen in the towns of Saint Andrews and Saint Martins have also struck lucky with epic catches in recent years.

    In July 2017 a woman was paying a visit to Saint Andrews when something stopped her in her tracks. The entity in question was a lobster. And while seeing such a creature in that part of the world wasn’t unusual, there was nothing ordinary about this particular catch.

    The woman was so surprised by what she was seeing, in fact, that she decided to pull out a camera and start to film. In the resulting footage, which was later posted on Rumble, a lady can be seen standing outside, proudly cradling a monster lobster in her arms.

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