Will Minimum Wage Workers Agree to Share $1000

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 8, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/XXCEuZut-k4


  • pedro lopes

    pedro lopes

     an hour ago

    marcus eat mw luv

  • Ayana Goldlion

    Ayana Goldlion

     2 hours ago

    Ewww oasia is a bad personalityyy

  • Kyle Buchan

    Kyle Buchan

     4 hours ago

    Her: duck farm

    Me: no just no

  • Jason Zhao

    Jason Zhao

     5 hours ago

    this game actually defies the pure Nash Equilibrium. There is actually an arbitrage opportunity. Let team A have a strategy s.t., "we will take the red no matter what." leaving team B with payoff always equal to zero no matter what option he chooses. However, the first team can say we will split the 1000 dollars six ways afterwards, leaving each one with 166.66 dollars more than the payoff of both choosing red.

  • Alexa F.

    Alexa F.

     6 hours ago +1

    Please bring this series back. ❤💙

  • Sofiya


     7 hours ago

    4:44 her legs making DNA

  • iKi _

    iKi _

     7 hours ago

    Annoying DUCK lady

  • NhoJ Dyoll

    NhoJ Dyoll

     10 hours ago

    3:41 Can someone explain what the Notes next to the people are? What does •ENFJ-T and •7w8 mean?

  • Kade_Obryant


     20 hours ago +1

    Honestly I’d pick blue every time without hesitation, because if the other group picks blue then we all get money, and if they pick red they deal with the guilt of being greedy

  • XJ Wonderland

    XJ Wonderland


    josh looks like asian jacob from twilight

  • blueimpulse



    imagine if andrew yang became president and everyone got 1000$ dollars

  • HMercier



    a duck farm with is wrong with her

  • sunidhi



    that lady looks like ma lol

    duck farm

  • Instant.Michael



    Legit just took this idea from the game show goldenball

  • Nathan Parris

    Nathan Parris


    If I had this option I would pick blue bc then the other team would always get something

  • Rebecca F

    Rebecca F


    they should just agree to have one team win then split it... so everyone gets $166.67

  • Toby



    the fact that people would pick red is why we have the problems in the world that we do have

  • King George III

    King George III

     yesterday +1

    left team: uses strategic maneuvers and thinks about decision

    right team: “so what’s our favorite color?”

  • nutstrawberry



    Rachel is a real life influencer!!!

  • Santosh Balachandra

    Santosh Balachandra


    Red is the logical choice. The expected value of the red card is $500 but the expected value of the blue card is only $300. Hell if you won the $1000 and they won nothing, you could split the money with them and let them have $500 - that's the real win-win situation.