15 Year Old Rayvon Griffith Is DESTROYING SENIORS! Freshman TAKING OVER High School! 🤯

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019
  • Rayvon Griffith is THAT GUY! After a few years of running with Bronny James and the North Coast Blue Chips, he switched over to be theTOP DAWG for the Orangemen Elite. My guy was DESTROYING the competition as usual. Rayvon's just started his first year of high school at Taft HS in Cincinatti. Watch the video to peep him putting poor kids on POSTERS and lmk below how many points he's dropping next szn!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/XZF3m4grr4A


  • brian green

    brian green

     7 days ago

    He look like kobe

  • Jamir Parker

    Jamir Parker

     14 days ago

    young Cincinnati goat!!

  • Jimmy Davis

    Jimmy Davis

     14 days ago +4

    He's only 15 and still growing. If he continued to play like this, he going to be a beast.

  • Basketball highlights

    Basketball highlights

     14 days ago +1

    I mean when your 6'5 I hope you can dunk no matter the age lol I'm 5'9 a freshman also and can dunk

  • SKbeast Gang

    SKbeast Gang

     21 days ago +18

    When your 6’5 I don’t think it should be to hard to dunk no matter the age. No hate those still hooping

  • PS4 G

    PS4 G

     21 days ago


  • Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson

     21 days ago +10

    Why the hell is his whole team jumping with him when he dunks in warmups? I understand team unity, but that's corny asf lol

  • Codaaayyyy


     21 days ago


  • young budda

    young budda

     21 days ago +2

    When I was 15 I was a Junior.

  • Aiconic


     a months ago +2

    Where is the rest of his game? He's not going anywhere unless he develops other skills. I saw one jumper. Never seen him handle. Everything is dunks. That's not gonna cut it. I like Rayvon but he's got a long way to go. Especially if he doesn't get any taller. He's a guard not a forward.

  • R


     a months ago +1

    15 ???? In dog years ???

  • Logan thegoat

    Logan thegoat

     a months ago +3

    Hoop journey be like : shout out to overtime😂😂😂😂

  • Bangalee Kamara

    Bangalee Kamara

     a months ago +4

    I think he gonna be like a kawhi Or PG Type player

  • Jared Diaz

    Jared Diaz

     a months ago +4

    like this if he’s better than bronny😭🤝

  • DR. GOAT

    DR. GOAT

     a months ago +7

    Those are no seniors.

  • bLeebAby


     a months ago +2

    I didn’t see anything that stood out to me about him. OOOUUUU he can dunk at 15. I want to see what separates him from anyone else in his class.

  • Hudson Floyd

    Hudson Floyd

     a months ago +3

    Me being an overweight 6’0 junior in high school thinking I’m a good basketball player.

    watches a video of a random kid younger than me dominating everyone

    Thomas has never seen such _ before

  • Ezequiel Montes

    Ezequiel Montes

     a months ago +1

    Is he in 6th grade too

  • Yunnginn9x


     a months ago

    6,5 at age 15 wtf these niggas eating😳

  • Brandon


     a months ago

    Why’d he leave the blue chips