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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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  • LadySoralyn


     a years ago +25

    So the first one plays piano better than I do with my hands. And she sings better too.. wow.. such talent

  • Deborah Santamaria

    Deborah Santamaria

     10 months ago +14

    The young man from Korea is an Angel, with the voice to match!

  • Mary Land

    Mary Land

     5 months ago +11

    WOW - the guy from Korea!!!

  • Bytesback


     a years ago +66

    Sungbong Choi ( korea ) is now doing well !

  • mnl mnl

    mnl mnl

     a years ago +128

    Omg the first one made me cry😢 she is so wonderful😍

  • Rachel Van den Ham

    Rachel Van den Ham

     a years ago +15

    It makes me so sad knowing that these young kids were or are bullied for something they can’t control. I just to hug them all.

  • Crystal Bond

    Crystal Bond

     a years ago +20

    I was touched by each performer. Each so very special in there own way. Thank you!



     a years ago +13

    The iraq kid maaaan!!!! You ever seen a grown man cry? Look at me

  • birreboi


     a years ago +40

    So many sad human stories around the world and this is a small proportion of talent from some of them. So sad yet so brave, grats to all of them and all the best to the other unseen ones.

  • sergio buffalino

    sergio buffalino

     a years ago +23

    I love her voice and she deserves the golden buzzer the 1st one

  • Vijay V

    Vijay V

     a years ago +50

    The first first girl playing with her legs is fantastic. She sings so beautiful

  • Debra Sparks

    Debra Sparks

     a years ago +39

    I want to mother that poor Korean boy sooooo much.

  • CrazyGoatLady


     10 months ago +11

    That lovely young lady that had all the bullying for her school years is simply amazing.

  • Shirley Rhodes

    Shirley Rhodes

     11 months ago +9

    Ripped my heart out!! Such courage!!

  • Daiihjjhyai Coleman

    Daiihjjhyai Coleman

     a years ago +21

    “Well did I stutter” 😂 laughed so hard I woke my son up

  • Vijay V

    Vijay V

     a years ago +65

    The guy with the vocal problem was amazing. A fighter. His girlfriend is fantastic. She cares

  • Maddy T.

    Maddy T.

     a years ago +51

    "Im not a good singer" uh YEAH RIGHT

  • phoenix rising

    phoenix rising

     a years ago +24

    Are men suppose to cry, if yes than i think i;m gonna be just fine :)

  • Stacy Vicuna

    Stacy Vicuna

     a years ago +44

    Korean guy,he has a hard life but he has a strong determination,I pity him God will bless him.

  • Arno Germond

    Arno Germond

     a years ago +14

    All incredible people. Inspiring and very brave people.