Boeing's China Problem

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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    Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
    China Eastern 737 Takeoff Video Courtesy PDX Aviation

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  • Qinghui Ou

    Qinghui Ou

     25 minutes ago

    correction: Boeing did collaborate with comac but set a very high price that china decided to do the long way.

  • Qinghui Ou

    Qinghui Ou

     29 minutes ago

    the number will drop in the future since china had started developing their own plane already check out C919, economic war will eventually end just not in this century.

  • Andrew McKay

    Andrew McKay

     2 hours ago

    The Americans can't even build a plan anymore with out a China man involved. They will clone a Boeing and build their own

  • ACADMan


     2 hours ago

    Mmm...Nah. I'm not overly concerned- Yet. Will keep an eye on the new effort at Chinese aircraft production, though. Give them another 15 years, and call me back.

  • Better With Rum

    Better With Rum

     3 hours ago

    Just because China grounded the 737 first doesn't lend to their credibility. I will NEVER get on a Chinese produced plain.

  • A320 CAT3DUAL

    A320 CAT3DUAL

     4 hours ago

    Simple. GE must cease selling aircraft engines and spares to China.

    See? Easy! NEXT!

  • Francisco Neto

    Francisco Neto

     4 hours ago

    USA 🇺🇸 needs to fire 🔥 trump today,otherwise the United States 🇺🇸 will lose it’s ground in world’s economies. Trump is the distraction of America

  • Francisco Neto

    Francisco Neto

     4 hours ago

    Time to disrupt CHINAS economy

  • 罗浩钤


     5 hours ago

    I fly 737max once before, left wing starts to over shake after 30 minutes took off, literally worst plane i tried, i miss my DA42 after that

  • Mark Fischer

    Mark Fischer

     6 hours ago

    China's Boeing problem. With a huge fleet of Boeing aircraft, China faces the prospect that if the split between the United States and China becomes heated and rancorous enough, the US government could cut China off from spare parts, service updates, and everything else needed from the manufacturer to sustain after sales support. China's fleet of Boeing aircraft could become a total loss.

  • anthony chan

    anthony chan

     6 hours ago +1

    China should not buy anything from the US at all the way trump treated Huawei and China companies. The END trump will be a BIG LOSER. Time will tell.

  • Sven Reuser

    Sven Reuser

     9 hours ago +1

    sees united states and china, but than continents.
    countries in those continents: am i a joke to you?

  • MaddBuddah


     10 hours ago

    I'm pooping

  • Anand kumar

    Anand kumar

     11 hours ago

    Who has guts to sit in China made airplanes and fly, There is no guarantee that they come back alive.....

  • Kreuzritter Gottes

    Kreuzritter Gottes

     12 hours ago

    china is garbage. Tawain forever!

  • Mike Marley

    Mike Marley

     13 hours ago

    Beware the chinaman ,they want to eat every living thing on our planet and every dead thing also.Serpents disguised as worms.

  • joey saladass

    joey saladass

     14 hours ago

    Lul china plane lol

  • peter yuan

    peter yuan

     18 hours ago

    I think China had purposely sabotage the two 737 MAX to make Boeing look bad.

  • Ming Hu

    Ming Hu

     19 hours ago

    Ban Boeing in China to Make America Great Again

  • Laura O'Chamney

    Laura O'Chamney

     20 hours ago

    Nah, Chinese made aircrafts are the worst. They're noisy, unreliable and unsafe. Similarly, other countries like Russia have built their own planes, but they have gone nowhere. Despite some accidents here and there, Boeing aircrafts are still the safest on the planet. According to the latest reports, the average person living in the United States has a 1 in 102 chance of dying in a car crash, compared to a 1 in 205,552 chance of dying as a passenger on an airplane.