Phoenix Cops’ Extreme Response to Shoplifting Caught on Tape | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 17, 2019
  • Phoenix police threatened to shoot a couple in front of their young kids over an allegedly shoplifted doll in an unsettling but not uncommon abuse of power.

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  • DeAngela Williams

    DeAngela Williams

     17 hours ago

    This makes me so angry and sad

  • DeAngela Williams

    DeAngela Williams

     17 hours ago

    Every person that gave this videos a thumb down is a racist piece of s*** and I hope they choke on their meal

  • DeAngela Williams

    DeAngela Williams

     17 hours ago

    I have never heard of cops pursuing a dollar item shop to lift this is classic klansman mentality on the part of the Arizona Police Department that's why our government don't call them what they are domestic terrorists that we use our tortora tag dollars to support them and this is what they do to black people all across the United States and yes we do pay our taxes as well so we pay for this abuse and it's b*****

  • Lil' Treazures

    Lil' Treazures

     21 hours ago

    U didnt show the mom with a baby in her hands begging them

  • Crusty Cobs

    Crusty Cobs

     yesterday +1

    Insane cop response. They should be fired, and forced to wear ankle bracelets to track them, and
    no guns, leave them jobless.

  • Abbot david-west

    Abbot david-west

     2 days ago

    Every police officer involved in this should be fired and go to jail simple it will get the message out to the rest of them.. NO money spent on training its an excuse.. U train from the academy and on new tactics when they come not when this happens u say more training. If u send them to jail this will get the message out to the rest of them.

  • Kitty Rock

    Kitty Rock

     2 days ago

    That cop was acting like a complete lunatic! The little 4 YEAR OLD girl, stole barbie doll. Are u freaking kidding me?

  • Sheila Taylor

    Sheila Taylor

     2 days ago

    Trump's 🚓 . it out of hand . Real police ?

  • Will Campbell

    Will Campbell

     7 days ago

    @4:50 we have felony assault... Unusual and cruel punishment... By a Nazi Gestapo Officer cough I mean Police Officer

  • Alexander Addai Boateng

    Alexander Addai Boateng

     7 days ago

    Jesus Christ! why do US police like to shout out loud in this manner.
    i thought US has the highest number of educated people.

  • Michael Scott

    Michael Scott

     7 days ago

    You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in court of law-pheonix suns gm

  • Landers Reaction

    Landers Reaction

     7 days ago

    can someone explain to me do the police in america just inroll racist people????? do the police is afraid of colored people????

  • Leonardofahrer


     7 days ago

    Police is trained in a gang with a blue line and they get away with everything, even murder. Seen lots of times.

  • Raivian Hyches

    Raivian Hyches

     7 days ago

    Protect and serve just went out the window at this point. smh.😔

  • W Rose

    W Rose

     7 days ago

    you know what's really sad due to lack of criminal mental state when taking the doll technically they didn't commit a crime

  • SillyBullets Gaming

    SillyBullets Gaming

     14 days ago

    In cities like Butte Falls, or Grants Pass, Oregon there are no police at all, for most of the time. The people in these cities usually police themselves, and things are rather placid most times. These smaller cities can’t afford a police force, and rarely will the need for a sheriff to arrive. People policing themselves has its pros and cons. Any logical person can decipher quickly what those pros and cons would be.

  • Alpharius Omegon

    Alpharius Omegon

     14 days ago

    I cant watch this, its making me sick

  • Connor Ohlander

    Connor Ohlander

     14 days ago +1

    May the Emperor have mercy on their souls.

  • Jack Handy

    Jack Handy

     14 days ago

    To all you good cops wondering why the public hates you, it's because of pigs like these cunts.

  • KrystalPotato 101

    KrystalPotato 101

     14 days ago

    Three words.... mmm mmm mmm.