Phoenix Cops’ Extreme Response to Shoplifting Caught on Tape | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 17, 2019
  • Phoenix police threatened to shoot a couple in front of their young kids over an allegedly shoplifted doll in an unsettling but not uncommon abuse of power.

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  • Familia Millan Bueno

    Familia Millan Bueno

     7 hours ago

    I believe FBI must get control of the internal affairs department and kick the aaa of some bullshit blues . something must be done because have been long time
    with this issues and nobody do nothing about

  • Atrion



    This is shocking since I'm in Arizona

  • Surud Patel

    Surud Patel


    It is looking like all Cops will soon see All Americans as Illegal Mexicans . Hondurans or being from a Nation from South America.

  • TheTunaMaster



    lying cops are allways welcome in idaho

  • Joshua Johnson

    Joshua Johnson

     2 days ago

    Yeah that’s smart roll on a pregnant woman and her 2 children with guns and saying I’m about to pop a fucking cap in your head

  • HeartagramTroll


     2 days ago

    People need to stop stealing stuff too!!

  • Jacob Cass

    Jacob Cass

     2 days ago

    Easy 10,000,000$

  • Gideon Cronje

    Gideon Cronje

     2 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Lauren Goff

    Lauren Goff

     2 days ago

    As someone who wants to become a cop....this absolutely horrifies and sickens me. No one should EVER act this way towards ANYONE, but especially not to a little kid! Kids don't understand shoplifting. She saw a doll and took it. They're acting like she bombed the store!

  • John Doe

    John Doe

     2 days ago

    Can you do a follow up on this? What happened to the police in the video? Anything?

  • Patrick Hammond

    Patrick Hammond

     2 days ago

    It is a shame and outrage that this happens any where, let alone the US

  • Disciple Toki

    Disciple Toki

     2 days ago

    I spent 8 days and nights in jail because in an officers professional opinion (he was my own age 23 att) I was too intoxicated to be driving, truth is I was groggy it was 4:30 am but I was not drunk and blew clan to prove it, did not matter. officers op was fact. I was just a poor kid, insta guilty.

  • John Gay

    John Gay

     3 days ago

    Unsafe police responce for everyone concerned is unacceptable, highly improper and mostly of a juveniles mentality. Bullish and careless behavior in handling such matters leads all roads to loss of life on both sides.

  • Game genie Prime

    Game genie Prime

     3 days ago

    I'm from Philly and I thought that was hilarious Trevor Noah is that dude

  • My Reviews

    My Reviews

     3 days ago

    Thank you, Steve Jobs. May you rest in peace, sir.

  • ealtar


     3 days ago

    IIIIIIIIiiiiiiit's not just the girl that shoplifted, they were also at one point in company of a known felon with multiple warants
    and you know what GOOD if the children are traumatised NEVER STEAL AGAIN ... what? no ! they don't have some divine entitlement to steal
    and this "ho it's just a small or only one, no big deal" mentality is wrong and stupid
    now as for the cops saying they will "cap them" .... WHY shouldn't they say that ? after all NPCNN and all you flunkies continualy spread fear and HATRED of the police ....
    they might as well use it to get people to comply faster ... cops, .. this might surprise you, have OTHER SHIT to do then spend 30 mins to get YA DUMB ASS to comply !

  • rc oita

    rc oita

     3 days ago

    i know those cops they are racists

  • TheMW2informer


     3 days ago

    4:47 LMFAO😂😂😂😂

  • Alain Koch

    Alain Koch

     3 days ago

    10 million dollars?! i would be happy to have my legs kicked for that amount of money! those cops deserve to be fired...and if something like that repeats itself their superiors as well. but asking 10 million is greedy.
    imagine how much you would have to pay a prisoner in Guantanamo who got (and still gets) treated worse 24 hours a day since up to 20 years, if 5 minutes of state harassment gets you 10 million... 210’240’000 million...or the US budget of 1752 years.. and there is more than just 1 prisoner..

  • Mauritius Dunfagel

    Mauritius Dunfagel

     3 days ago

    Trump is quite big with the police!