Tucker Carlson Takes a Sudden Vacation Following His Hot Take on White Supremacy | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 13, 2019
  • After calling the threat of white supremacy in America a hoax, Tucker Carlson suddenly announces he’s going on vacation, making him the latest Fox News host to take a spontaneous vacation after making controversial on-air comments.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Xqd6z-XhfU0


  • Maryam Atif

    Maryam Atif


    "A country where feminists do science" ?! Does he not realise that people can have more than one trait?

  • Killjoy.Z


     yesterday +1

    Uhm, Tucker would crush Trevor in a debate... JS

  • Tawakalt Oseni - HKF

    Tawakalt Oseni - HKF

     2 days ago

    People who disliked this video. One word for y'all .


  • Roundhead Anderson

    Roundhead Anderson

     3 days ago

    I’ve never seen someone so gay pretend they’re straight, outside of myself. Obviously he’s wrong and talks like he dropped out of highschool but it’s always fun listening to the failing party

  • Senpai Saibot

    Senpai Saibot

     3 days ago

    they got fired and use vacation as a cover up 😥

  • Steve - Veteran

    Steve - Veteran

     3 days ago

    FYI, OANN is TRUMP'S favorite news channel.

    One America News Network. Watch the Truth!

  • Biniyam Tadesse

    Biniyam Tadesse

     3 days ago

    I watch both Tucker and Trevor, i dont choose sides im for whatever makes sense against whatever don't, but Trevor makes it look like Tucker is totally dumb and insain on his show with quick cuts and not showing whole stories editing it in a way that makes liberals think this guy is an idiot. The same thing happens vice versa u cant trust any info this days

  • Johnny Sevenfold

    Johnny Sevenfold

     7 days ago

    "Relax. This will all blow over".

  • Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

     7 days ago

    these liberal douches is part of the reason Trump was voted in in 2016, and most of the reason hell get reelected easily in 2020. nice try, democrat douchebags!!! MAGA MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

  • Bonnie Brock

    Bonnie Brock

     7 days ago

    He did go on a pre-planned months in advance fishing vacation with his son to Labrador, Canada. Spewing out LYING LIBERAL FAKE ASS CLOWN NEWS AGAIN, Asshat. Both he and Hannity were laughing their asses off at idiots like you after Tucker came back one a half weeks later. Why don't you find something thats truthful to talk about instead, then just lying gossip..

  • inspectrgajit


     7 days ago

    Comedy always pokes fun at bullshit. Hey, why aren't there any Republican comedians with thier own show... Hmmmm

  • Kevin Carroll

    Kevin Carroll

     7 days ago +1

    This idiot thinks hes funny. He isn't hes a dipshit

  • Foyorama OU812

    Foyorama OU812

     7 days ago

    hard to believe that Tucker even knows how to fish

  • 713buddy


     7 days ago +1

    Hey Dickhead, you completely missed and misrepresented what he was saying! What he was saying is in the grand scheme of life in America today, White Supremacy is about as much a threat to black people as slipping on an Asteroid and breaking your girlfriend's toe, in other words, "it just doesn't exist, and it just can't happen", but people like you, people who want to continue to perpetuate the lie that hords of White people are running all around the hood chasing blacks while trying to shoot them is ludicrous!

  • Herman Christian

    Herman Christian

     7 days ago +1

    Boobus Americanus shill or just a dumbo.

  • Dada Chingon O'Dell

    Dada Chingon O'Dell

     7 days ago +1

    Trevor Noah is one of the worst comedians ever.. Not funny and not appealing. Just another puppet for the left with a strategically statistically relatable face to their target voters..

  • christopher jennings

    christopher jennings

     7 days ago +1

    He been back for weeks!!!

  • jimalemartinez


     7 days ago

    His imitation of Jason Statham 😁😂😆🤣

  • L D

    L D

     14 days ago

    At least they say that are going in vacation. You and Stephen Colbert disappear for 2 weeks leaving us in sadness. Don't do that again!!!

  • Nicole Bailey

    Nicole Bailey

     14 days ago

    Hey Tucker hope a Grizzly bear and her Cubs tag along your vacation.