SURAN 수란 '서핑해 (Surfin')' Teaser

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • Lyrics by SURAN, SERUM
    Composed by GXXD (Girlnexxtdoor), 권세영, SURAN
    Arranged by GXXD (Girlnexxtdoor), 권세영

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  • La vistima pero en 223

    La vistima pero en 223

     1 months ago

    Parece que tenia un trasero gigante

  • Pri


     3 months ago

    Oh my gawd, I never knew Suran was a part of SM Entertainment! That's so cool!

  • Fuzzy Ren

    Fuzzy Ren

     4 months ago +1

    Why is there no music video. WE WANT TO SEE MORE OF SURAN~

  • Amel Oey

    Amel Oey

     5 months ago

    Good luck suran 💕
    Good luck milion market 💝
    No mv is ok
    I still like suran 💕

  • lance mac

    lance mac

     5 months ago

    omg movie maker n final cut pro x CANT

  • Cecilia Jacome

    Cecilia Jacome

     5 months ago

    literally a whole bop, i have this song on repeat.

  • Kim Lisa

    Kim Lisa

     5 months ago

    См блят где камбэк

  • 3 9

    3 9

     5 months ago

    와 좋다

  • مستر حمودي - MR.HAMODE

    مستر حمودي - MR.HAMODE

     5 months ago +1

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    Put the like and share the news, many of the EXO-L do not know the competition 💔

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    التصويت بسيط جدا كل ما عليك عمله هوه الدخول إلى موقع mgma بأي حساب تواصل عندك او عن طريق حساب gmail وبعدها أنشأ حساب في mgma بدقيقة واحدة
    وبعدها صوت لفرقة exo واذا مافهمت اكتب باليوتيوب طريقة تصويت في mgma
    وياريت تنشرون الخبر لان اغلب الاكسوال ما يعرفون اكو مسابقة 💔

  • Aleena Oh

    Aleena Oh

     5 months ago +2

    where is it tho??????????????????

  • Kim Lisa

    Kim Lisa

     5 months ago

    См блят где камбэк? Ты шо идиот?

  • 《Val ll

    《Val ll

     5 months ago


  • Devina


     5 months ago

    I can't wait

  • notorious alien

    notorious alien

     5 months ago

    oh babe.. why are you under sm

  • Dana Choi

    Dana Choi

     6 months ago +2

    Where’s the MV??

  • Yongguk's gummy smile infires me

    Yongguk's gummy smile infires me

     6 months ago

    I made a lyrics video for this amazing song

  • aajengssi


     6 months ago


  • Ayu ningtyas

    Ayu ningtyas

     6 months ago

    Suran anak SM ?

  • PeixAriel


     6 months ago

    Amei 😍😍😍

  • Lys


     6 months ago

    Wooow I didn't know she was under SM...