How To Lubricate Your Noisy Garage Door

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 30, 2011
  • provides a detailed instructional on how to properly lubricate a garage door. Invest the 7 minutes to watch the video and we promise you'll be lubricating your garage door like a pro.
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  • Don Stevens

    Don Stevens


    This is a great video! Funny and very informative...

  • Larry Cox

    Larry Cox


    Best presentation ever!

  • Danny Ellem

    Danny Ellem

     3 days ago

    Great video, I literally used WD40 to lubricate the chain before watching this video then thought hmmm, there has to be more to it. So I googled and found this video. Thanks @PrecisionGarageDoor

  • John Smith

    John Smith

     3 days ago

    Glad I watched this - I was about to do it all wrong. Thanks for making this video.

  • Russell Stephan

    Russell Stephan

     4 days ago

    The center bracket for the torsion bar on my old 1970's home is just a bored block of aluminum. It took me the longest time to locate the horrific noise the garage door would make. That whole bar would vibrate like a violin string. It was so loud, the neighbor across the street would know the exact time I'd arrive home late at a night.

    Once I did finally figure out it was the torsion bar, I drilled the block aluminum center support with a tiny bit. Now, once every four years or so I shoot the hole with a pump of the grease gun.

    The door is now silent as silent can be for the age of the door.

    The last time I replaced a torsion spring I wanted to make it so I'd never have to replace one again. I calculated out a couple of long springs of bigger gauge wire. Per my cycle count estimations, the springs should last thirty years.



     5 days ago

    Is strawberry flavored WD 40 available in the stores?



     5 days ago +3

    This guy knows his stuff and does a great public service..I’d hire them anytime should the situation present itself

  • L W

    L W

     5 days ago


  • Fay Gunn

    Fay Gunn

     6 days ago +2

    LOL...u had me going for a minute with that cereal, I was like NOOOO😳don’t eat that😁!! Great video, VERY helpful...thx for posting!!!

  • Susan M.

    Susan M.

     7 days ago

    Love you, man.

  • Jenny


     7 days ago

    Lol I googled some spray ? Idk

  • Jenny


     7 days ago

  • anand M

    anand M

     7 days ago

    when i went to home depot they only always suggested me to use wd40 i noticed it did not help noice reduction at all.. thank you bro for your valuable suggestion.

  • Tom Gregory

    Tom Gregory

     7 days ago

    Safety Glasses!

  • Michael Manderacchi

    Michael Manderacchi

     7 days ago

    Oughta be ashamed of yourselves Precision door needs to be lubed is the customer's rear end you guys are tories for overcharging it's scaring customers it to stuff they don't need overpriced beware commission commission Commission

  • DigitalMan269


     7 days ago +1

    My ex wife was the largest moving part of my home!

  • Nick G

    Nick G

     7 days ago

    I called these guys here in Ohio. Spring was broke, and even though I am very mechanical, after watching YouTube videos, the right tools, springs, risk of getting hurt, almost made it wash.
    I think it was like $350-375. He did program my keypad for free but it never held. Also one of the sides is now out of wack, not wound tight like the other side. It's been about 18 months.
    Was a good job. Quick. Very friendly. Are the negatives their fault? Meh, I don't know. I use it a lot.
    Would I recommend them? Yes

  • Francis Lee

    Francis Lee

     7 days ago

    thank you, very helpfull

  • Dcool


     7 days ago +1

    I have a hurricane reinforced garage doors it's so heavy and loud. I wonder if they a hard rubber wheels that ride on the track to soften the vibrations. Just annoying when my wife leaves and I'm sleeping it sounds and feels like the house is moving on the 2nd floor.

  • Byron Gehman

    Byron Gehman

     7 days ago +1

    We used chain lube. Works like magic. Thanks for the tip. 👍