This Guy Saw One Of The Most Dangerous Animals On Earth Drowning. I Still Can’t Believe What He Did

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 22, 2018
  • It’s not often that wild animals will wander into our personal space—they typically want to avoid us at all costs—but on the rare occasion they do, they can get into trouble. Even the strongest predators on Earth can find themselves in a sticky spot once in awhile…

    Bears, for example, aren’t exactly the kind of animal you’d consider helpless. Still, bears are curious creatures, and when they get caught between a rock and a hard place, it’s up to us to help them—even at the risk of our own lives. That was no more evident than the case of one bear in Alligator Point on St. James Island in Florida…

    The 375-pound black bear had been sniffing around the neighborhood when he wandered into a home. Wildlife conservation officers were called to sedate him and safely relocate him to the wild, but moments after the bear was shot with a tranquilizer, things began to go very wrong!

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  • Meoww


     a years ago +68

    Hero like Adam should be respected & thankfully the bear was rescued ..all lives are precious & this rescue team had done a good job!Thanks for sharing & blessings!👍👏😇🐻

  • Gamini Perera

    Gamini Perera

     5 months ago


  • Khult Herro

    Khult Herro

     5 months ago

    Heros are the men and women who love and responsibly take care of their children 24/7.

  • Amos Lalremruata

    Amos Lalremruata

     6 months ago

    I love animals and i am beyond amazed with this hero....huge amount of respect for him...good job sir

  • creativa rodriguez

    creativa rodriguez

     9 months ago


  • Grace Baker

    Grace Baker

     11 months ago

    Wow 😮😎💋respect

  • Amanda Vasquez

    Amanda Vasquez

     11 months ago

    Save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him save him

  • Susan M

    Susan M

     a years ago

    Love those guys! Thank you.

  • Wawa Willegers

    Wawa Willegers

     a years ago

    Salute for Adam, job well done.
    Thank you rescuers who were involved in this regards.
    The bear walked so far to find food. Instead of giving him meat to eat, make him nervous.
    Therefore please by all means stop deforestation. Share this planet with other living beings.

  • Jewel Haines

    Jewel Haines

     a years ago

    We can ALL learn how to treat Animals from this beautiful man!!

  • Chesse Sprinkle

    Chesse Sprinkle

     a years ago

    I mean yes the bear
    was almost going unconscious so he couldn't really attack the guy but what we are watching is someone who didn't know that and if he, him the only one in the world who right there decided to go for it and save that life if he hadn't done it the animal would have drown for sure no matter how fast the boat tried to get there, the complications would have been worse.... I mean..standing ovation

  • One Random Potato

    One Random Potato

     a years ago +1

    I believe that humans are the most dangerous animals, we are destroying our earth. There are arsonists, litter bugs, murderers, and most people on this earth pollute. Please open your eyes.

  • Emelda Fernando

    Emelda Fernando

     a years ago

    High respect Adam. God bless you and to all rescuers.

  • full moon

    full moon

     a years ago +1

    The man is a hero.

  • CJ Holt

    CJ Holt

     a years ago

    It is nice that this story has a happy ending but sorry the bear is not more or just important as the man. I bet if it turned out different, the man was killed, people would have no problem admitting it.

  • Steve Mason

    Steve Mason

     a years ago

    This was an Amazing & Inspiring story thank u guys for sharin this beautiful story!!! All lives are precious an do matter!! Adam is a TRUE hero💯 saving that Bears🐻🐾 life not thinking twice thanx Adam we need more people like u in this World 🌏. ...

  • Jamila Hadade

    Jamila Hadade

     a years ago

    Adam is such a hero. Thank God he was determined to save the bears life. It’s an incredible story. God bless Adam. This was one story with a happy ending. I’m glad that guys likeAdam exist. God bless these recuers, Amen 🙏🐻❤️🧡💚👍💜💖💞😘💙💗

  • Aki Papaja

    Aki Papaja

     a years ago

    Beautiful animal, thanks to the hero that have save him. God bless you!!!

  • Tara Haugo

    Tara Haugo

     a years ago

    Nice ending thank goodness!

  • Doris Thomson

    Doris Thomson

     a years ago +1

    amazing!!!! Such a sweet and wonderful thing he did.