Girl Chat: Love/Hate Relationships and Snack-cidents

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 19, 2018
  • Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Tamera Mowry-Housley get real about love/hate relationships with your partner, and the epidemic of snack-cidents. They also share their thoughts on how to talk to loved ones about gaining weight.

    Would you lose weight for your partner? →→→
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  • Simmer Pete

    Simmer Pete

     7 days ago +1

    Flash forward to 2019: lol she ain’t saying anything now

  • Sami Rendel

    Sami Rendel

     7 days ago

    Ok but jeannie’s hair is giving me life

  • onieshia napoleon

    onieshia napoleon

     7 days ago

    Hell yeah right now TADAY BAA BAA @ 0:20

  • KU4EVER100


     14 days ago

    Sad that her own coworkers/bosses took advantage of the situation to post this such a hard time in her life. Smfh they better be paying my girl what she deserves.

  • Andres Daniel

    Andres Daniel

     14 days ago

    Loni: “So I must be your friend.”
    Adrienne: “Hey, you’re still here.”

    The power in that, tbh if Adrienne did hate Loni like she explained she hates then Loni def wouldn’t be on the show! Adrienne has that low key BDE cause she’s just so likable

  • Kein


     21 days ago

    lonni looks amazing

  • January Jones Cut

    January Jones Cut

     a months ago

    Ive chewed gum while sleeping

  • Crystal Ann

    Crystal Ann

     a months ago

    I definitely feel Adrienne on the sleep eating. #allthetime

  • Tynaja Graves

    Tynaja Graves

     a months ago

    Now she with jeezy 😂😂😂

  • B.A.K Gang

    B.A.K Gang

     a months ago

    And this why Jeanie and Freddie not together anymore 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • blanche mhonda

    blanche mhonda

     a months ago

    l understand what Jeanie is saying though

  • blanche mhonda

    blanche mhonda

     a months ago

    Loni's make up was so bad in this clip

  • Crystal Stark

    Crystal Stark

     a months ago

    Omg I literally sleep eat too!!!

  • Elizabeth Teague

    Elizabeth Teague

     a months ago

    Girllllll yesss! thats how a lot of the women in my family are. They tell you, that you’ve gained some weight, or that you need to lose it, and I promise I’m the ONLY one that hears it. Ig after a while you get use to it, because I’ve always been a bigger-sized girl, but it still hurts.
    I do what Loney said (sorry I know it’s probably spelled wrong) I workout on my own, and dont tell anyone, but sometimes that’s when they say stuff the most.

  • Marsha Julessa

    Marsha Julessa

     a months ago +1

    family will always tell you when you're getting bigger, lol they can't help themselves and don't feel like they should....i just remind myself to let it roll of my shoulders and start humming mariah carey's shake it off! (or taylor swift's version for the millenial crowd). people don't understand how their words affects others when it comes to weight/looks. honestly best not to say anything at all, if you can't find a polite way of saying it.

  • Donna-Marie Davidson

    Donna-Marie Davidson

     a months ago

    I sleep eat lol

  • Em Fernandez

    Em Fernandez

     2 months ago

    Wait she’s a Scorpio?!!?!😫❤️

  • Derica Hicks

    Derica Hicks

     2 months ago

    Lonnie too sensitive

  • meidraw


     2 months ago

    Loni skin looks so good with this make up sometimes it looks so ashy and bad this ones dewy and beautiful

  • Delaney Negron

    Delaney Negron

     2 months ago

    The girl chat about Jeannie’s marriage makes me think of the pink song called true love.