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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 24, 2017
  • This video is a list of the greatest dunkers who are currently in high school as of 2017. The list contains some of the best young dunkers in the world and also two of the best players in their respective classes. Let me know what you think...

    This video was created for educational purposes. The video is informing the audience through the fair use act about the art of dunking. Copyright for the clips has been gained from their respective owners.

    Link to Dunkers

    Zion Williamson -
    Jamal Harris -
    Jashaun Smith -
    Unique Mclean -
    Cassius Stanley -

    Other Clips obtained from:

    Ballislife -
    Dunkademics -
    Hoopmixtape -
    Team Flight Brothers -


    All music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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  • Sithum Vishmitha

    Sithum Vishmitha

     19 hours ago

    Forgot jalen

  • Bubby Lee

    Bubby Lee

     22 hours ago

    Great Dunks! Ronnie Fields is still the best

  • Renz Ranz

    Renz Ranz


    Where is Jalen green

  • Real TV

    Real TV

     2 days ago +2

    Where’s Ronnie Fields of Farragut HS
    Played wit Kevin Garnett

  • Waimea Guyz

    Waimea Guyz

     2 days ago

    nobody can fly high like these black brothers when it comes to jumping

  • Sean Oneal

    Sean Oneal

     2 days ago

    I have an idea for a supreme dunk! You know the Vince Carter elbow dunk? What if a player can take the ball between his leg and dunk his elbow in the rim at the same time? That would be the Supreme dunk of all time! My Idea! Sean O'neal!

  • Julio


     6 days ago

    Silly list

    Ronnie Fields is H.S. GOAT

  • Valeriy Shishkin

    Valeriy Shishkin

     7 days ago

    If a dude has a first name of Unique, You already know a father wasnt present.

  • Pistol Pat

    Pistol Pat

     7 days ago

    Lol Zion Williamson it looked like he was dunking on a bunch junior high kids in high school, the dude didn't even need that one year at duke even college was to easy for him. The nba should change the rules back to were you can come strait outa high school to the NBA again like they did back in the day. Hes already bullying people around in the league you'll probably never see anything like him again I could be wrong but I don't for see that happening.

  • Jacob Collins

    Jacob Collins

     7 days ago

    Seen every one of these dunks before. 👎 great dunks but you gotta be more creative and make up your own dunks... Be original fuckheads. Overwise you ain't shit, just like the rest.

  • Bryan Baker

    Bryan Baker

     7 days ago

    The #1 guy kind of looks like Zion Williamson. Wierd they have the same first name too.

  • Vicktoria Velichkova

    Vicktoria Velichkova

     7 days ago

    Спорта е за начинаещи 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Reyes Murillo

    Reyes Murillo

     7 days ago


  • flacita428


     14 days ago

    Who is Zion Williams???

  • treon thompson

    treon thompson

     21 days ago

    To be honest this is only genetic
    perfection of a culture and class of
    great people.
    Don’t act like this is new
    this is who we are all we have to do
    is be the people who benefit from
    our talents but we rather let others
    benefit from us and eat the scraps
    from their table.
    And all they say about us while they cashing checks is that we are dumb.
    And the brothers got money to make a
    difference but rather see the oppressors take the lion share.
    How stupid are we because that’s the question they are asking and profiting from.
    I hate rich black people. Shoot your self in the face or invest in us.



     21 days ago

    still disappointed jimma gatwech isnt here

  • VN Design

    VN Design

     21 days ago +1




     1 months ago +27

    Who watching this while zion in the nba now

  • Mukie 12th Dozen

    Mukie 12th Dozen

     1 months ago +1

    Let's go New Orleans Big Zion W. 💪💯

  • Sacha Chan Yan

    Sacha Chan Yan

     1 months ago

    Jamal Harris is the one who blew my mind....!