Why Your VW Door Won't Open

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 30, 2014
  • This video shows why your VW door will not open and what to do about it. No where will you find this information on the web. Believe me, I looked for days when my door wouldn't open. Let me know how it works out for you. Any contributions to my PayPal account at "[email protected]" would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/YGyb9aSoIFA


  • Raphael Aguirre

    Raphael Aguirre

     a months ago +1

    You are an absolute star. Thank you, kind sir! For info (2001 Audi A6), mine was blocked as I pulled the handle why unlocking the doors (bad idea), so it stayed in the position you demonstrated, and I couldn't open the door from outside nor inside. The screwdriver through the handle didn't help, but a sharp hit with the hand over the top right of the handle and CLICK, unlocked!

  • Zeno elea

    Zeno elea

     a months ago +1

    Good video. The spring you removed is one of the fixings that is designed to keep the mechanical and electrical part of the door lock module together. Better to file 1/16" of the bottom leg of the spring and put it back.

  • nashagui


     a months ago

    recomiendo ver este video antes de desmontar nada ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLkzuVPapRk

  • M. L. Munn

    M. L. Munn

     2 months ago

    you cannot open the back door w/ the last option (sliding something between the glass to push down) since there is a stationary window above the latch

  • wasie nurahmed

    wasie nurahmed

     2 months ago


  • Ben Chatterton

    Ben Chatterton

     2 months ago

    You, sir, are a genius. Thank you.

  • philjquitt


     2 months ago

    Good vidoe as far as it goes. Better would be you show this move with the screw driver down the window slot. Still, a good and useful video.

  • Mihai Sebastian

    Mihai Sebastian

     3 months ago

    FIXED !! Thank you so much 🍻

  • Derrick Oyugi

    Derrick Oyugi

     3 months ago

    What do I do if my cable broke?

  • Alexander Zgura

    Alexander Zgura

     4 months ago

    That’s the pretensioner spring. You need that. Don’t follow this bad advice

  • Damon Sisk

    Damon Sisk

     4 months ago

    Finally! Someone who figured out my problem! Thank you!

  • Dana Wane

    Dana Wane

     5 months ago

    That "useless" spring is set inside that little nook it sits next to and controls the depth at which the outside handle releases the mechanism when pulled.

  • Ali Shaeb

    Ali Shaeb

     5 months ago

    wow! how a fabulous great video and an incredible 2 minutes tip of a one-video Youtube channel helped out so many ppl and reach out +1 million views ! Thank you so much Jon !

  • Phillip Wood

    Phillip Wood

     5 months ago

    the spring serves a purpose it gives u the correct tension for the cable to the door handle that's why it's there not because vw just wanted to waste a piece of metal lol

  • gabri coman

    gabri coman

     6 months ago

    Wow! ty for that :)

  • DirtRider


     6 months ago +1

    Most helpful. Thanks Jon! Of course you need to get the door open before you can take off the panel. If you open the rear door you can see the black bolts in the drivers door that secure the mechanism. I took a 1/2" rod (or you can use a 3/8" extension), placed one end against the bolt and gave the other end a quick tap,tap with a hammer. That reset the mechanism so I could open the door. I think I may squirt some silicone spray onto the subject arm by sticking a spray straw through the outside door handle. Then exercise the mechanism a bit. See if that does it before taking the door apart...which is a royal pain!

  • DolgLanjelin


     6 months ago

    I have this issue, if I use my thumb and FIRST push the handle the " wrong way" for a few millimeters, then it triggers and opens as normal, if I don't do that the door will not open.

  • Neil Garnett

    Neil Garnett

     7 months ago

    Thanks this helped me out. After fitting new after market actuator door kept sticking closed and couldn't open with outer or inner handle. I removed the pin and it's now fixed.

  • Ethan Simmons

    Ethan Simmons

     7 months ago

    You legend! You saved my ass today!

  • Bal Reehal

    Bal Reehal

     7 months ago

    Thanks for the informative video
    Worked a treat