Kurupt Talks Death Row History, Suge Knight, 2Pac, Breaks Down Beefs + More

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
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  • That Dope Wife Mommy life

    That Dope Wife Mommy life

     11 months ago +703

    I’m so thankful I was born in 81. Being able to see these artists in their prime is irreplaceable. That era was the best of the best. I’m glad to see them doing well. Rip to the fallen soldiers.

  • Murder Mayhem Show

    Murder Mayhem Show

     10 months ago +173

    Man, how high is Kurupt?
    Kurupt: "We set that beef off."
    Envy: "Why did you set the beef off?"
    Kurupt: "Because they shot at us."
    Charlamagne: "Why did they shoot at you?"
    Kurupt: "Because we had beef."
    Charlamagne: "Why did you have beef?"
    Kurupt: "Because we knocked the buildings down."
    Charlamagne: "Why did you knock the buildings down?"
    Kurupt: "Because they shot at us."
    Well alrighty then!

  • Chris Head

    Chris Head

     7 months ago +166

    Kurupt just told people how to beat depression; wake up, appreciate your blessings and people around you, listen to music, do what you love... Blessings

  • Row Dogg

    Row Dogg

     10 months ago +189

    Y’all can’t tell me Kurupt didn’t go hard on that New York New York joint!

  • El Californio

    El Californio

     11 months ago +312

    Snoop looks older, Dre, Eminem etc. But kurupt does not age! I grew up listening to him as a kid in the 90's and he looks younger than me! WTF

  • The Real Charlie O

    The Real Charlie O

     11 months ago +683

    30 and up crowd strong in these comments 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • kingrapid


     5 months ago +37

    44:37 For the Pac headz...
    Thank me later...

  • Rey S.

    Rey S.

     11 months ago +171

    Envy really doesn’t know black economics. He talks about money but doesn’t know a black person could’ve had money in the 80s and still live in the ghetto.

  • Brian Erwin

    Brian Erwin

     10 months ago +381

    glad angela wasn't there to ask about his love life

  • Krush Ville

    Krush Ville

     10 months ago +301

    When Charlamagne respects u...He never bring the Bullshit to u...You can sense the respect....Good interview

  • DrumMajorSCSU .DrumMajorSCSU

    DrumMajorSCSU .DrumMajorSCSU

     11 months ago +498

    Kurupt is a living legend, one of the last real ones left.

  • Before I Self-Destruct

    Before I Self-Destruct

     11 months ago +341

    Kinda bugs me to hear "You from Philly!!" So much... We know he's from Philly but Kurupt is 100% West Coast... We claim him and he claims us, period.

  • That DudeSTL

    That DudeSTL

     11 months ago +264

    I watched this whole interview and I must say it was Damn good. Kurrupt is very articulate, honest, and not trying to portray something he's not. Very informative as well.

  • NOLA soulchild

    NOLA soulchild

     11 months ago +336

    Yall better get Daz on the Breakfast Club

  • Raj72908


     11 months ago +289

    This is when Charlemagne is a good knowledgeable, calm interviewer, allowing the interviewee to flow and revel in great storytelling with subtle encouragement. When he's interviewing more modern 'relevant' artists he's like the drunk uncle at a BBQ going off on one and basically hijacking the interview. Or, maybe it's just Kurupt and his legendary smoothness that calms CTG down. God damn I love how real Kurupt is! Never embellishes or takes credit for things that would make him look good. The whole honesty of the Foxy Brown history was so refreshing. No braggadocio, no lying even when some would consider X punked him. He is a true O.G and never sold out. Mad respect for a hugely underrated artist.

  • Dnaking R8mg

    Dnaking R8mg

     11 months ago +592

    A lot of you dont knw Kurupt . For those who know hit like .

  • hiiipower iii

    hiiipower iii

     11 months ago +129

    We need Tray Deee on the Breakfast Club

  • rian carter

    rian carter

     11 months ago +256

    Honestly this is the best breakfast club episode ever.



     10 months ago +134

    🤬Seen most interviews this year from the breakfast club! But got to admit this is one of my favorites! Theirs nothing like taking a ride back to the 90's when the game was real! Thanks kurupt!

  • Jamie Canavan

    Jamie Canavan

     12 hours ago

    This is the most entertaining interview I've ever seen. Kurupt is the one man. Well done