16 ACTUAL iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed!

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 8, 2019
  • 16 Hidden iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed in 2019! | iPhone Hidden Features 2019▶️Check out SkillShare - https://skl.sh/brandonbutchFirst 500 people to sign up using this link get 2 months of Premium for FREE!Here are 16+ tips & tricks you may not know exist (or just don't use) in iOS 12 on your iPhone XS, iPhone XR or any older iPhone!I'm sure you guys will know some of these but hopefully you walked away from this video learning at least one new tip that you can utilize on your iPhone in 2019!12 iPhone Tricks You NEED to Know: https://youtu.be/E6wZfm3DPAAiOS 13 will SUCK unless...: https://youtu.be/6SY-aX99UbwiPhone XS Max Review: https://youtu.be/9GtJNZQbqywiPhone XS Max - Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features: https://youtu.be/6bpli_85r8AWallpaper used: http://bit.ly/2GaIju2Do you know any other iPhone tips/tricks that I didn't mention in this video? Let me know in a comment below!Become a 🔥VIP member 🔥 to see videos early, get VIP support + other perks: http://bit.ly/2OFfI1Y-Best tech deals (updated daily): http://amzn.to/2qcK0QTThanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions.Video sponsored by SkillShare.▬ SOCIAL MEDIA ▬▶️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/brandonbutch▶️ Instagram: https://instagram.com/brandonbutch▶️ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbsipodtouch...▶️ Snapchat: bb255▶️ Email (business inquiries only): ibrandon2526[at]gmail.com▬ MY GEAR used to make this video ▬▶ Camera: https://amzn.to/2kLPqzG▶ Lens: https://amzn.to/2kNxUa0▶ Mic: https://amzn.to/2jP0HLl▶ Other Mic: https://amzn.to/2HBVs1V▶ Audio Interface: https://amzn.to/2kNwwnU2019 Gear update: https://bit.ly/2GbtIi6▬ Check my OTHER VIDEOS out ▬▶️Save Battery Life on iOS 12 (20+ Tips): https://youtu.be/ph6OCuelGAo▶️Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 (Tutorial): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...▶️iPhone XR - Think Twice Before Buying: https://youtu.be/Axg3gA7bJK4▶️iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 SPEED Test - You May Be Surprised: https://youtu.be/i_vlxL8-Y2E▶️RIP iPhone X - Why We’ll Miss It: https://youtu.be/F-HP72NvEGI▶️iOS 12 Final Review: https://youtu.be/vsNM6gskDXo▶️THE 100K MONTAGE: https://youtu.be/ZPItf7aNt9U▶️LOADED 2017 iMac 27" 5K Unboxing & Review: https://youtu.be/wPcL05YCWdY▶️Apple AirPods Review (3 Months Later): https://youtu.be/n0qxmgbCGo8▶️9-Year iPhone User Switches to Android: Disappointment?: https://youtu.be/jb0p8BCPsRw🎵Outro: Fresh by Ikson (https://www.soundcloud.com/ikson)▬ STAY UP-TO-DATE! ▬Make sure to subscribe to the channel & opt-in for push notifications (click the BELL icon next to the subscribe button) to be notified immediately when I release new videos!▬▬If you watched this video and made it this deep into the description, I greatly appreciate you & would love to connect! If you have any questions, give me a shout on social media & I'll answer any question(s) you may have.Have a fantastic day & I'll see you in the next video!
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  • Brandon Butch

     2 months ago

    I bet you didn't know all of these 😜SkillShare is pretty awesome. Want 2 months of Premium free? --> https://skl.sh/brandonbutch

  • jembu lingam

     9 days ago

    Brandon Butch Hey dude in that 16 around 10 are new and surprise for me. Thanks.

  • Markus Jaschke

     10 days ago

    for the second tip: in case of not knowing where the car is. when you go to maps and the phone was previously connected to the car, it will show in maps

  • Nakita russell

     2 months ago

    Me: Another clickbait video20 seconds later 🤯🤯🤯

  • Kix Musaid

     17 days ago

    Hahah I fucking know right


     2 months ago

    The first video that shows tricks that I don't actually know 👍

  • Benedict Stanley

     9 days ago

    I know right.

  • inksplat

     28 days ago

    MIRAAK IS DAT U?!?!?!?

  • Ammaar Syed

     1 months ago

    I knew all of these tricksBecause this is my second time watching this

  • Abdulwahabgamer

     2 days ago

    Same :\

  • Master Spunky

     4 days ago

    Ammaar Syed I was looking for this comment

  • cyberjoe77

     2 months ago

    “I’m at”.... doesn’t work...🤔🤔 never mind, the other person needs an iPhone....👍🏻👍🏻

  • Akeerha

     27 days ago

    cyberjoe77 :) i’m at (space) 😇

  • James Rowe

     1 months ago

    So... it doesn't send your location which would be useful.It sends a useless Apple Maps link. *sigh*

  • F N

     2 months ago

    Man I didn’t know about 90% of these things 🤣

  • No Name

     19 days ago

    Your emoji choice makes your comment seem sarcastic but I know you just picked the wrong emoji.

  • Charmelo Cool

     22 days ago

    A-I, J. A-I yeah it’s 14.4

  • Raven Robinson

     2 months ago

    I tried the screenshot thing while you was showing us😂

  • Giomarie Obligar

     5 days ago

    Hahahaha me too

  • Kimberly Pena-Carbajal

     22 days ago

    Raven Robinson same

  • Jaden Harland

     1 months ago

    Search tabs: pornClose ‘17’ tabs matching pornYou sir are a hero.

  • 1000 subs with no videos

     1 months ago

    Jaden Harland I don’t know what browser you use but when I click off the app the tab is gone when it is on private

  • Jaden Harland

     1 months ago

    1000 subs with no videos incognito still uses tabs you silly billy

  • A Andrew

     25 days ago

    lmao i was thinking pshh this wont be nothing new. 50 seconds in *surprised pikachu face

  • Andre Williams

     2 months ago

    That brightness to 0 tip is dangerous as hell! 😳

  • 24IceGamer

     5 hours ago

    Daniels Sanchez just what i wanted to type...

  • Liaviaud

     1 months ago

    You can ask Siri to bring your brightness up if you can't get your brightness up manually. 😊