THE FIRST 4 CORNER NO KILL CHALLENGE! w/ Ninja, Lupo, and Marcel! (Fortnite: Battle Royale)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 4, 2018
  • THE FIRST EVER 4 CORNER CHALLENGE WAS INSANE!!! Be sure to drop a like if you want to see more challenges like this in the future!!!


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    Snapchat: CouRageJD
    PSN: ayy_CouRage
    XBL: ayy CouRage

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  • Señor Chrispy

    Señor Chrispy

     2 days ago

    Im here because MrBeast

  • JJ Kirkman

    JJ Kirkman

     8 days ago +1

    Didn’t you used to be Optic Mboze?

  • skeetbowl


     8 days ago

    dude that was intense af.

  • Nathan Nyblom

    Nathan Nyblom

     8 days ago

    why dis boi look like drake and ice cube had a baby

  • Ashley Hulse

    Ashley Hulse

     9 days ago


  • Ben Alford

    Ben Alford

     9 days ago

    Thank you for making it so that we could see other people’s perspectives!

  • collaradmist 503

    collaradmist 503

     10 days ago

    I hv done this in season 4

  • Evan Carr

    Evan Carr

     11 days ago

    Courage looks like a white ice cube

  • Jamie Earley

    Jamie Earley

     13 days ago

    The last player did not kill ninja,because it says in the feed rhat he killed the 3rd last player and he then killed BasicallyIDoWork at the end.When he won the game it showed him having only 2 kills.Therefore means marcel and the default where his only 2 kills😂

  • John Temporiti

    John Temporiti

     14 days ago +1

    RIP tak smg and revolver

  • walking traffic cone

    walking traffic cone

     15 days ago +1

    Anyone watching in season 37

  • David Ljungcrantz

    David Ljungcrantz

     17 days ago

    Die in a fucking fire

  • santiago lopez

    santiago lopez

     18 days ago

    subcribd and put on notifacations

  • FrostByteYTB l Its All About Gaming

    FrostByteYTB l Its All About Gaming

     24 days ago

    13:23 ninja: wait nah im just a friendly leprechaun!

  • Trent Bixby

    Trent Bixby

     a months ago

    except everytime he says chest the bee movie plays on repeat for 10 times but everytime the color yellow is shown an ali a intro plays but on the 3rd second of the video the longest video on YouTube plays which is 596 hours and every time it hits the 10 minute mark the whole series of toy story plays but every time a toy is shown alive all the memes in this world plays on PowerPoint but every time a meme is show the whole ice age trilogy plays but when ice shows a person eats a burger but every time the person has saliva the entire history of the universe is show but every time an animal is shown every single advertisement in the universe is shown but when the color white or black is shown a prince rupert's drop is made but the second the glass falls into the cold water the whole series of LOST plays but every time someone says 'the' rick and morty plays on repeat for 13.8 billion years but evertime rick says morty Bob Ross draws a painting but evertime he moves his brush the emoji movie plays on repeat for a googleplex but every time an emoji is shown every single fortnite video plays but evertime the color blue is shown a helicopter scrashes but when the helicopter crashes a plane crashes but every time a plane crashes a person breaks his leg but every time a crack is heard all episodes of top gear is played on repeat for a year but evertime a car is shown the universe explodes but on the first picosecond of the explosion of the universe the whole series of the Simpsons is played but its slowed down by 10000000000000000000­000x percent but each time Bart is shown the last battalion plays but when a gunshot is heard ww1 starts but each time a person dies ww2 starts but each time Hitler attacks someone all the funny moments and cool stunts gta v videos play but each time there is a sick drop a door is opened 10000000000000000000­00000000000000000000­00000000000000times but each time the door opens the universe is reborn but each time the big bang happens Logan Paul smashes a plate but the femtosecond the plate hits the floor all of Jake Paul's video is played slowed down by 10407329472948488477­4295998 percent but each time Jake is show Logan is show but each time Logan is shown he goes to the Japanese suicide forest but each time he says oh all videos on YouTube are play in reverse for repeat on 38482858485288347 vigintillion years to the power of a googleplex but each time a video plays every single video game ever released is recorded into a video but evertime a game starts up a lighting strike happens but when the strike hits the ground a fortnite no scope compilation is played but when a noscope is hit the 10th human being is reborn but when the 10th human being is born a toilet is flushed for 13.4 billion years but when the toilet is finished flushing someone vomits 74294629748294732847­4818384748292747584 times. holy crap this is long"

  • wD Boogie

    wD Boogie

     1 months ago

    4:18 I cry every time 😢😭

  • RP Stoval

    RP Stoval

     1 months ago

    No kill game? Haha Thats all my games...

  • Drast


     1 months ago

    20:03 lupo damn near killed me

  • Josh Benitez

    Josh Benitez

     1 months ago

    That clap thou 14:22 🤣🤣🤣

  • cgz deaquan

    cgz deaquan

     1 months ago

    Courage went to flush because he is shit