Owner Thinks There's A Plot Against His Restaurant | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 22, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/YPd9lDE06ps


  • Emily Gastelum

     2 months ago

    The wife has a very punchable face.

  • Padfoot

     2 hours ago

    Emily Gastelum yep

  • vivienpandart

     7 days ago

    I would medium rare her face

  • Harriet Kaufman

     6 months ago

    Sue the dad for $250,000 and marry the girlfriend. Happy life

  • Irish Spud


    @Power 2 Weight do us all a favor and fuck off back to your recliner

  • Yes No

     13 days ago

    I was honestly wondering where this braindead fucktard found himself being a businessman. Your comment quickly cleared the sky thanks.

  • KazuyaM89

     9 months ago

    GR: Why are you yawning? GEN: Well, I'm 64... GR: Ok but it's kinda rude. GEN: Yeah but 64... GR: Umm ok sure what's 8 squared? GEN: Well... 64... GR: Right yep how long ago was 54 years ago? GEN: It was '64... GR: What's your favourite gaming console? GEN: Nintendo 64... GR: Whats your ideal man's height? GEN: 6"4... GR: Would you per chance know the square root of 4096? GEN: I believe it's 64... *yawns

  • Nathaniel Jones

     5 days ago

    GR: when playing 2048 at what point do you find it hard to continue? GEN: Around block 64

  • Gustavo Rodríguez

     10 days ago

    Wanna know what's Jenn's favorite song?_When I'm 64 - The Beatles._

  • Myles Carter

     9 months ago

    I used to think Chef Ramsey was just an asshole, but after watching these videos, he’s really not. He’s just a very honest and blunt person. He’s just trying to help these people with their food. I’m sorry Chef, I’ll never say another negative thing about you.

  • Andy Holcroft

     5 hours ago

    There's plenty of negatives about him too lol

  • S- Tale

     10 days ago

    I accidentally read 'he’s really not' as he's really hot lol.

  • Anthony Lambert

     7 months ago

    The mother is worse than a 5 year old. The father needs dementia meds

  • Hydro Bomb24

     19 days ago

    You mean Prozac.

  • bido aly the android gamer

     19 days ago

    Well she's 64

  • Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes

     5 months ago

    The father is a con artist and a thief.He took his son's inheritance and bought a restaurant and only told him after he already bought it.What a scumbag.

  • Ashley Sutherland

     17 days ago

    @Anna Driver Abe Saffron Google him

  • TheMrSugar Productions

     2 months ago

    he and his wife are Both sub human Scum Sacks and Deserve absolutely Nothing!

  • Father Grim

     9 months ago

    The owners are too busy stealing their son's paycheck and trust fund to make good food.

  • Ditziflooph

     18 days ago

    His dad is Abe SaffronLook it up You can see his book “gentle satan” is there

  • bruce wayne

     1 months ago

    Nice pic

  • SSA DL7

     26 days ago

    She doesn’t like the Yelpers because she is a medium rare girl.

  • Art Cahanaj

     8 days ago

    And a 64 year old woman and she has no power even she is the owner.She's a bitch.

  • Secret- Prodigy

     16 days ago

    Lol, it's true though...

  • Russo Swerve

     9 months ago

    Interesting fact: here in Australia, Alan’s father was Abe Saffron a kingpin of organised crime, corruption and bribing politicians and policeman. He also had an involvement in the disappearance/murder of a young newspaper publisher. He even sent an unknown arsonist to burn down a ride and killed seven people in the process so he could try to buy the theme park for cheaper. He did jail time for tax evasion but he got away with giving money to the right people. His son Alan received $500k from his i...

  • Doc Gonzales

     12 days ago

    Fuuuuuuuck, Abe Saffron's son! That guy was the the Australian godfather.

  • Andrea Nolan

     21 days ago

    @Father Alexander Anderson rubbish

  • Zach Choi ASMR

     9 months ago

    *Can we get reviewbrah in here to settle the score?*

  • Fireball

     14 days ago

    Fuck off bot

  • Blood Beryl

     24 days ago

    @Samtortiklaaa hop off their dicks you homo