Every DISNEY MOVIE Until 2023 Announced (including Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Remakes)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 8, 2019
  • Disney have announced an enormous slate of upcoming films up until the year 2023 (with small teases of whats to come up until 2027).

    In this video I preview their upcoming slate of movies coming soon from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm (touching briefly on Fox) which includes:

    Toy Story 4
    The Lion King
    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
    Frozen 2
    Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker
    Artemis Fowl
    Jungle Cruise
    One and Only Ivan
    Indiana Jones 5
    A new Star Wars trilogy
    Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4, Avatar 5

    Recently announced: Pixar's Soul and The Little Mermaid

    and a bunch of untitled Disney live action and animation, untitled Pixar animation, Untitled Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe MCU movies (Black Widow, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, Spider-Man 3, Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, Shang Chi, The Eternals?)

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  • Dave Lee Down Under

    Dave Lee Down Under

     6 months ago +255

    19 June, 2020 Untitled Pixar = SOUL
    1 May, 2020 Untitled Marvel = Black Widow
    6 November, 2020 Untitled Marvel = The Eternals
    12 February, 2021 Untitled Marvel = Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
    7 May, 2021 Untitled Marvel = Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
    5 November, 2021 Untitled Marvel = Thor: Love and Thunder

    12 March 2021 / 28 May 2021 / 22 August 2021/ 7 October 2021 / 4 November 2021 Untitled Live Action = One of these dates likely THE LITTLE MERMAID

  • Sanjid Ahmed

    Sanjid Ahmed

     7 days ago

    When you think about whet your are will be when all these come out.... 🤯

  • little Bob Dion

    little Bob Dion

     7 days ago

    So there not making a ice age spinoff? T^T

  • AnasiaCameronElijah EDCP NDCP AUTTP UTTP Fan1936

    AnasiaCameronElijah EDCP NDCP AUTTP UTTP Fan1936

     28 days ago

    A marvel movie in augest of 2022 would be Spider-Man into the spider verse 2

  • Matt Mccaslin

    Matt Mccaslin

     28 days ago

    Indy 4 came out in 08



     28 days ago

    Is no one talking about how at 7:51 he said 2018 and 2021 are 13 years apart??

  • Brickish Railways

    Brickish Railways

     1 months ago

    Please let the Indiana Jones movie be confirmed with title

  • Gabrielle Perez

    Gabrielle Perez

     1 months ago

    I am so excited for the one and only ivan, the book is my favorite book!❤SO EXCITED

  • Superior 06

    Superior 06

     1 months ago


  • Kristian Hall

    Kristian Hall

     1 months ago

    Every phase of marvel is going to be 2 years long and they made a deal with Disney

  • AnasiaCameronElijah EDCP NDCP AUTTP UTTP Fan1936

    AnasiaCameronElijah EDCP NDCP AUTTP UTTP Fan1936

     1 months ago

    I wish Hercules would have a live action

  • peter papadimitriou

    peter papadimitriou

     1 months ago

    Good video but and yes there's a but I honestly think that its so stupid to say whats coming up in movies in the next few years if you have no idea what it is right? Sorry no offense

  • ND.-. Enclosed

    ND.-. Enclosed

     2 months ago

    U forgotton Batman 2021

  • Mike Chen

    Mike Chen

     2 months ago

    Lmao can't even tell if being sarcastic or real

  • jens, colin, and oliver

    jens, colin, and oliver

     2 months ago

    Were is avatar 2 and 3?

  • Min Thant maung

    Min Thant maung

     2 months ago

    I am just waiting for Pirates 6

  • maisie


     2 months ago

    the only other live actions i want are the princess and the frog and the little mermaid which is already coming

  • daniel a

    daniel a

     2 months ago +1

    The unknown mcu and pixar movie is black widow and soul

  • AMO


     2 months ago

    I’m guessing February 17 is the adventures of ichabod and mr toad

  • Terrill Goodwine Jr

    Terrill Goodwine Jr

     2 months ago

    A new Star Wars trilogy was canceled