Phil Ivey Beats the casino for over 20 million Dollars playing Baccarat

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 10, 2016
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  • Blackman Whitesuit

    Blackman Whitesuit

     2 years ago +3098 they sued him because he outsmarted them?

  • Jbyrd Texas

    Jbyrd Texas

     5 months ago +425

    They owe him. They took his money . He risked millions of dollars they lost. He is smart that's not a crime.

  • Gospel Musicians

    Gospel Musicians

     1 months ago +120

    The casinos have a game based on math, but calls it cheating when a guy uses math to play the game.

  • Pete Watts

    Pete Watts

     1 months ago +146

    He asked for a specific deck and the same one used all the time, and they didnt get it? The greedy mutts deserved to get taken. GO Phil!

  • Serxhio Al

    Serxhio Al

     5 months ago +303

    Does this guy even blink? Lol! Legend

  • untouchable360x


     2 years ago +2127

    Casinos offer free alcohol so you can make bad decisions. Isn't that cheating?

  • About Time

    About Time

     1 months ago +131

    Ivey's not a cheat. He has an abnormal psychological issue going on that allows him to focus and concentrate way above average. The stare, the talk, speaking volumes.

  • Terence Flynn

    Terence Flynn

     1 months ago +101

    He became known as “the black kid who plays poker all day long”.

  • Farhan Farooqi

    Farhan Farooqi

     21 days ago +37

    I guess it's ok when the casinos cheat you out of your life savings but when a man out smarts them it's cheating lol.

  • Blade Man

    Blade Man

     1 months ago +176

    This will make a great movie. I vote Denzel plays Phil.

  • Shawn Hambler

    Shawn Hambler

     5 months ago +1681

    Isn’t that ironic the casino calling him a cheat

  • OriginaLane


     2 months ago +407

    Q: “Has race been a factor at all?”
    A: “No, not in poker. In poker, the only color they see is green.”
    This guy deserves everything he has, incredible personality and no excuses. Brilliant mind.

  • tractorback76


     2 months ago +62

    When casinos win, they win, when they lose, they win

  • Fash out

    Fash out

     5 months ago +86

    Hard not to like Ivy, unless you're sitting across the table from him.

  • Nontas Georgoulias

    Nontas Georgoulias

     5 months ago +83

    Phil "The Black Kid that Played Poker All Day Long" Ivey

  • Zullyan


     5 months ago +1268

    How do you "cheat" casinos ?
    -You can come into our establishment, but you can't use your's against the rules!

  • gorobot


     28 days ago +36

    Illegal or not doesn’t matter. The casinos agreed to his requests. They made their own beds.

  • Cross Czech

    Cross Czech

     2 months ago +40

    Do u think if he lost the $3 mill they would have a problem with him? GTFOH

  • mistervic85


     2 months ago +61

    To coin a line, "He beat [them]. Straight up. Pay him. Pay that man his money."

  • Alberto L

    Alberto L

     5 months ago +77

    The Casino is mad they couldn't hustle Phil Avey's money... he simply out hustled them.