Phil Ivey Beats the casino for over 20 million Dollars playing Baccarat

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 10, 2016
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  • LEVEL UP1000

    LEVEL UP1000

     28 days ago

    How 1 man can out hustle a casino , out of millions. And especially a game like baccarat. It’s almost impossible

  • Mighty YoungSir

    Mighty YoungSir

     a months ago

    8:20 straight up

  • Cavemantero


     a months ago

    All they had to do was say NO to the request. The casino has no leg to stand on other than paying the judge off for half.

  • Yulianus Zhong

    Yulianus Zhong

     a months ago +1

    "gambling is never a win, its always a lose on long run", it is very true, because casino games are rigged in favor of house, house always win in a long run whether gamblers win or lose, they have house edges, but doesnt mean its perfect. There are few weaknesses in this house edge that can be exploited or rigged so the player has an advantage in long run. Professional gamblers always win money at the end of the day, because they are not gambling but counting whether its blackjack, bacarat, poker, dice, whatever the games they are except slots. Never touch slots unless you want to test your luck, slot is one of the best pay to lose casino games for over 80% players, while the remaining money went to casino (10 to 25% house edge) while less than 3 to 5% win big in slot. If you think you are smart in math, then dont bother, because casino inventor is smarter, you just need to think like casino to beat the house. If you are a compulsive gambler then dont bother to play casino,fat chances are you are going to lose big and dip deeper into your losses.

  • FalconPunch1978


     2 months ago +1

    It must be REALLY difficult to make playing cards that look identical.. lol wtf? Pay the man and fix your shitty cards.

  • OMG 89

    OMG 89

     2 months ago

    Well , u lost both cases bro

  • aaron carrillo

    aaron carrillo

     2 months ago

    hahaha yeah i like my Asian dealers too

  • OneMore Thing

    OneMore Thing

     2 months ago

    Why don't card Manufactures just stop putting designs the back? Or better yet force Manufactures to Make perfect designs???

  • OneMore Thing

    OneMore Thing

     2 months ago

    7 Million in 2 days. Holy Shit!!!

  • soldado de Cristo

    soldado de Cristo

     2 months ago

    Pay the man his money - KGB

  • Fred Bassett

    Fred Bassett

     3 months ago

    Congratulations to Brad Pitt for the impeccable voice over work here. Great lip-syncing, Brad.

  • Buzz ard

    Buzz ard

     3 months ago

    If you win in a casino to them you have cheated

  • Junior Robles Slots

    Junior Robles Slots

     4 months ago

    nice to watch your channel pls subscribe my channel too, thanks a lot.

  • Reiko Furiya

    Reiko Furiya

     4 months ago

    I didnt blink while watching the vid

  • kaptaintrips


     4 months ago

    60 Minutes allows the word SHIT(14:35) to be said without bleeping it? Cool.

  • shammy davisjr

    shammy davisjr

     4 months ago

    Yankees gree to give the Red Sox a two run advantage at the start of the game them scream cheat when they lose.

  • Kenny Duff

    Kenny Duff

     4 months ago

    Are all Asians assumed to be Chinese?

  • geoffrey ethelston

    geoffrey ethelston

     4 months ago

    They lost big for once then boo hooed then throw dirt like a bunch of little kids

  • topgrain


     4 months ago

    It's unfortunate, but both casinos beat him. In London, his appeals all the way to their supreme court have failed. And the other casino has been granted the right to pursue his assets.

  • I'm sorry About that!

    I'm sorry About that!

     4 months ago

    Ivey the 3 std deviation epitome