Is Dating at Work Out of the Question? Pt. 1

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 13, 2018
  • If you’ve ever dated a coworker, share with us if it worked out!
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  • LuvJoyMuzik


     7 days ago

    Simple answer. Yes

  • Kayte Larsen

    Kayte Larsen

     a months ago

    My 1 relationship I ket him at HOS job and then we ended up working together at like 4 places lol and my 1 relationship after him...I met at work lol. Hes no longer working for this company but I do. I just WAH!

  • Magen Brooke

    Magen Brooke

     2 months ago

    I met my fiancé and soon to be baby daddy at work 😂 so I definitely think it can sometimes be a good idea if you’re lucky

  • lynn ramadan

    lynn ramadan

     2 months ago

    Oh Adrienne and Jeannie I wish ! Hahahah

  • Adriana Antonio

    Adriana Antonio

     2 months ago

    I met my husband at work. We’ve been together for 11 years now.

  • wanelly


     4 months ago

    If you want peace, DON’T get your honey where you get your money..

  • Tiri Poe

    Tiri Poe

     4 months ago

    Work romances are most natural and mosi exited

  • DrunkenRampage


     4 months ago

    if you want to be MeToo, go for it.

  • hyola


     4 months ago

    GQ's advice should have been "Don't do it bitch!" Imagine telling a bunch of humans "maintain professionalism no matter what their response is" like that ever happens.

  • Йоана Пейчева

    Йоана Пейчева

     4 months ago

    Not every guy that wears makeup is gay. I am tired of stereotypes.

  • Akia W

    Akia W

     5 months ago

    You should not date your coworkers 🙄. It’s tacky and unprofessional 😂. Only way it will work is if y’all work in completely different departments, on different floors. And people are going constantly speculate. Just leave it alone.

  • Max Brown

    Max Brown

     5 months ago

    hook up yes! date no, however maybe u can date if it depends what kind of job u have and how long u plan to stay there

  • Denea


     6 months ago

    It’s all fun until you break up. Nope, don’t do it.

  • Dario Wirtha

    Dario Wirtha

     6 months ago

    Woopie goldberg and barbara walters look younger here

  • ixamxmsright


     6 months ago +2

    Love in the WORKPLACE is DEAD.. FEMINISM killed it .As a man would be CRAZY to date ANYONE from work .. May RUIN your CAREER.

  • courtneicey15


     7 months ago +2

    My parents met at work and have been married for 27 years 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Brittany McCoy

    Brittany McCoy

     7 months ago

    I found my husband at work. Lmao. Going on 2 years.

  • JazzyQ


     8 months ago

    Dating your coworker is usually a clause in your agreement of whatever establishment you’re at. And then if it gets serious you must inform your employer

  • Jojo Brown

    Jojo Brown

     8 months ago

    I cant believe that 4 grown intelligent women are sitting up here advising women and men to begin relationships & dating at THE WORKPLACE!! Dating, sex & relationships among co-workers ends up causing unnecessary drama, issues and inefficiency at work more often than not. Im not saying that it is never ok or that long term relationships cant work out because they can. But i think that it is rather irresponsible to talk it up like a good thing. But thats just imo.

  • lexnikolle


     8 months ago

    I dated my boss. We engaged two years. Me and her broke up but she's still my boss. We are friends but I probably wouldn't ever date someone I work again. People are too nosy.