My new solar heater for windows!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 13, 2018
  • I gave up on my Tinox solar heaters because it blocked out natural light in the home and made winters feel more gloomy. It was also to expensive to build and the surface stained easily from fingerprints.
    I’m now using 2” wide 8 gauge Black aluminum blinds for the past 2 months. When the sun is out and it’s around 30-40 F outside our furnace will stop running due to our blinds heating up between 100-115 F degrees.
    In this video I only had 4 black window blinds in 2 rooms in windows facing south but intended to purchase more black blinds in the near future for other rooms.
    A much simpler way to create solar heat that anyone can do as long as they have south facing windows!
    P.S; If you incorporate thick heavy drapes with the black aluminum blinds you’ll save even more by closing them at night which will insulate the windows to retain heat, but don’t forget to open the drapes in the morning. ;-)
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  • S Josey

    S Josey

     3 months ago

    I don't think the shades will provide anymore heat than just having a window. The energy that passes through the window will be the same no matter what is on the other side. You just don't notice it on the furniture because the energy is spead out over a larger surface area (ie couch, walls, floor, anywhere the sunlight hits), whereas the shades concentrate the energy over smaller surface area and therefore heat up noticably. (Law of Conservation of Energy).Closing the shades at night would save you money as it would prevent energy loss.