BFA Ranged DPS Ranked! Most Fun, Strongest , Best AOE, Who's Best At What?

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 13, 2018
  • It's time to choose a Ranged DPS class for World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth, but which is best dps? It's not all about the numbers; we separate them into categories to look at the BfA Class Changes and find out who's best at what in 8.0 You will definitely disagree, but that's half the fun :)

    01:07 Balance Druid - Most Surprisingly Fun DPS, Best AoE
    03:23 Shadow Priest - Most Likely To Change
    05:51 Arcane Mage - Most Simplified Burn Phase, best Raid Soak
    07:05 Fire Mage - Fastest Gameplay
    08:14 Frost Mage - Most Proc-Based DPS
    09:20 Elemental Shaman - Not As Bad As You Heard
    11:04 Beast Mastery Hunter - Most Simple, Most Mobile DPS
    12:41 Marksmanship Hunter - Not Vulnerable
    14:47 Affliction Warlock - Best Damage Over Time
    15:53 Destruction Warlock - Best Cleave DPS
    16:55 Demonology Warlock - Most Fun DPS

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  • Lex Benjamin

    Lex Benjamin

     a years ago +906

    Taliesin, babe, you called Elemental shaman Enhancement for the whole section :D

  • FoxSumi


     4 days ago +1

    I was playing on my shaman the other day, Ele is still fun!

  • Shane D55

    Shane D55

     1 months ago

    I liked this video very good. Are you able to do a video on what is the best race for each class, so many new races but are they really any good. So each class what's the very best race. Both Horde and Alliance

  • Dierk Staab

    Dierk Staab

     1 months ago

    Can you speak a little bit faster, please...

  • Riwero


     1 months ago

    Demolocks just is bad in battlegrounds. Pet has his own mind, buggy. Also, for some reason i cant get dmg up with him in bg.

  • Rhoma Sbs

    Rhoma Sbs

     1 months ago

    i like this type of videos keep making them ^^

  • A Google User

    A Google User

     2 months ago

    Loved the lazer chicken portion.

  • Vokun X

    Vokun X

     2 months ago

    Enhancement and Elemental shaman is fun to play and look amazing? What the hell? Are we even playing the same game?! That class has never been this boring to play, almost all shaman spells are worse copies of other classes spells, the spell animations are so far behind all other classes currently that some of the textures look like they were taken straight out of a N64 game in comparison. They feel slow and crippled to play, they are free kills to pretty much any other class in PVP due to the complete lack of any good defensives, the entire concept of maelstrom got butchered and is currently just a grey rage bar for all effective purposes and overall they just feel awful, clunky and horrible to play in every single aspect. Shaman is a prime example of this game needing a paid class change just to give all us idiots who mained this horrible class years ago a way to escape without having to start all over on a new character and class.

  • Caleb Dickey

    Caleb Dickey

     3 months ago

    They are called observers.blizzard stole the 1 eyed demons from dungeons and dragons.

  • Ferdymode


     3 months ago

    an it looks so cool !! all though i also think that it might be slightly shit ! hahahah BEST VIDEO EVER !

  • Casual Aelor

    Casual Aelor

     3 months ago

    I don'tknow what your problem with elemental shamans is, but they're anything but bad :-) I main one, and they're a blast to play and do very well in both dungeons and raids :-). Enhancement isn't that bad either, is this just repeating what some people are saying? I play all 3 specs in BfA, and they all do very well.

  • jacob eckert

    jacob eckert

     3 months ago

    Well at least the person that hasn’t maimed elemental before likes it... no need to keep the elemental mains happy

  • VexStreamz


     3 months ago

    Taliesin.. what did you rank? Did not see a single rank. I heard a guy talking about all the different spells the ranged had. U clickbaiting again?

  • awper


     3 months ago

    Oh, did you say Druid Balance was balanced? Yeahhhh, already not subscribed but that lowers my chances, have fun earning it... Peace.

  • Cody Koh

    Cody Koh

     3 months ago

    Go go go go go go. . .

  • Sinistersaintsgaming


     3 months ago

    Boomkin is a fucking travesty in its BFA variation. NO AOE DAMAGE??!?!?!?! FROM THE CLASS KNOWN FOR ITS AOE?!?!?! And streaking stars is a NIGHTMARE. They simply are not the best aoe class, they are beat out by many other specs ESPECIALLY frost mage....which is downright broken.

  • Zaraki Kon

    Zaraki Kon

     4 months ago

    I have to disagree with you on Warlocks. Mine used to be quite fun to play but not anymore. I feel that Destruction is the only spec that has some decent on the go AoE sorta speak. I do like the spellaffects but that's about it. I keep having to spam 1 skill to generate Soulshards so I'm often just waiting till i get enough of them to do an AoE spell or chaosbolt. The way Lock specs are built around generating (bits of) Soulshards is Really annoying to me :( I don't know if this will change once get my Azerite gear on him but I won't hold my breath. I have a lot more fun on my balance druid; especially in Dungeons. Atleast on her I can constantly cast stuff like u said in this video. Although I find it easier to Q with her as Feral. Less hassle hehe. Nice video again though :)

  • Zes


     5 months ago

    wrg, no such thing as fx or not

  • blipzero


     5 months ago

    you are nothing but a nameless drone in wow your not even in the cut scenes.

  • blipzero


     5 months ago

    wow is brinning out the NURF guns to fire at the classes ..there changing things around because the game sucks and thy want the $ to hell with what the gamer wants it is all about $ so if it come down to it kill off half of the game to make more $ thy will you sheep ... ask your self if you saved up 20+ cash a mounth what could you het in the real world . what when pigs fly .. thy all ready went there people !